Carlos Giffoni – Welcome Home (Important) 2005


Compared to the records he’s released on his No Fun imprint, Welcome Home is a very different beast. Adult Life and Arrogance had Giffoni exploring small ideas and doing them really well (Lord I love those records). Welcome Home on the other hand is a clusterfuck of noise influences and that’s just the first two minutes of the opening track. Straight away I heard a huge Merzbow influence and the sense of humour which Scandinavian noise like Spunk, Jazkamer and Fe-mail are known for. In fact in many ways as far as noise goes it is very un-American in it’s sound. It is less visceral than many of his US contemporaries and that is no bad thing.

Welcome Home took Giffoni three years to make and was his first full length record as a solo artist and in some ways when I listen to this, that context makes sense because Welcome Home sounds like every great idea that ever occurred in noise shoved on to one CD. It’s a very wild ride indeed and if you like Merzbow and Jazkamer as much as I do then I recommend giving this a go.  You might need a good lie down afterwards though. And a cigarette as well.

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