Prurient / Kevin Drumm – All Are Guests In The House Of The Lord (Hospital) 2009

Well here is one I forgot to add to my list of the best albums of last year. In fact if I had a ranking, this would have been about number three. This collaboration find the sublime and sometimes noisy drone of Drumm anchoring some classic Prurient moments. Given just how damn visceral and unsettling most of Prurient’s work is, it is a true testament to both that the bedrock of different drones are used to amp up the creep factor quite a number of notches. The opening track is  full of ordinary Prurient themes: masters, slaves, pervy things, rubber underpants and pain – but I guarantee you that you’ve never heard them in this sound context. At times it is Drumm’s drones, nearly distorting under the strain, that dominate proceedings which makes perfect sense when your teaming  up with Prurient because isn’t a lot of his work about dominance and submission? There are things on here which are simply extraordinary if you are a noise nerd. Take the fourth track Though the Apple is Rotten – the static effect is so unsettling that it’s like degraded hypnagogic Wolf Eyes. I thought half way through that my headphones were fucked.

All Are Guests in the House of the Lord is one of my favourite records by either artist. As an aside if you are new to exploring noise  and experimental sound then you should never shy away from a collaborative record. In my collection some of the best records I’ve heard are when artists team up to create something fantastically original. Excellent.

3 Responses to “Prurient / Kevin Drumm – All Are Guests In The House Of The Lord (Hospital) 2009”

  1. Agreed. This record is the business.

  2. awesome, glad you liked it!

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