Jesu – Conquerer (Hydra Head) 2007

Ok, I know I said that Ducks Battle Satan would only be about records I liked but this release by Jesu has me fucked.

I’ve skirted around the edges of post-metal in an attempt to understand what the big fucking deal is. It’s all pleasant enough but I’m still waiting for that truly great post-metal album to grab me and engage me. I like the Isis and Pelican records I own but I was hoping that  Jesu were the real deal.  I was wrong.

Does anyone really think it is a great idea to create a new genre of shoegazing metal?  I lived the whole shoegazing thing. I had the Ride, Bleach, Slowdive and Chapterhouse records, I’m not proud of it but I did. Christ I even had those Lush EPs. I had the fringe that was somewhere south of my chin, I was skinny and had those pants that were a bit too big.

Now maybe I didn’t get the memo, but in 2007  was it time for some kind of revival? When I first played this I thought, “Ooh metal chords, a bit like Isis – great.”  But then those reed thin vocals started and it was like 1990 all over again. I don’t get it. What the fuck am I missing? Or is this post-metal stuff really just shoegazing for people with tattoos?

One Response to “Jesu – Conquerer (Hydra Head) 2007”

  1. Jesu is boring. Saw them live once and that was boring.
    Broadrick’s latest project Greymachine is much better and is closer to Godflesh. Check it out here:

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