Merzbow – Another Merzbow Records (Dirter) 2010

The music over these three discs is some of the finest Merzbow you’ll hear. The tracks contained here are from limited releases, compilation appearances and stuff like that. It covers a pretty decent period of time from  1991 to  2000 and for the most part contains  pretty full on noise tracks although those looking for recognisable forms will find some stuff to love as well. When I first started listening to Merzbow I wouldn’t have thought I’d be the owner of so much of his back catalogue but here I am three years later spending a Friday night listening to 19 obscure Merzbow tracks.  My taste in Merzbow has changed over those years  and I’ve gone from those accessible records like the Merz series to embracing his less structured full on noise assaults.  Most  of the tracks coming from the mid-1990’s,   a period which I think may reflect some of Merzbow’s best work. There are a couple of tracks each from Whitehouse’s Susan Lawley label (Extreme Music From Japan), the Scumtron compilation on Blast First and three tracks from the French compilation Switching Rhetorics.  A lot of those albums from the mid-1990’s are impossible  to track down so if you are interested in the period you may be wise to get this before it sells out  (its limited to 1000 copies). The cheapest option is to buy it straight from Dirter.

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