Wolf Eyes – Burned Mind (Sub Pop) 2004

This was my first encounter with noise and I would guess that this might be true for many other noise nerds. Burned Mind may have been the strangest thing ever released by Sub Pop and around the time I bought this in 2004 I would go to  my local record store and buy the latest releases from labels I knew. This one blew me way. I was a bit bored by music around this time and was even dabbling with alt-country in an attempt to find something new. I certainly fucking found it on Burned Mind. When I first listened to it I had no idea what it was. It sounded like the most brutal thing on Earth – waves of nauseating pulses and unrelenting, terrifying noise. Time has luckily moved on and when I listen to Burned Mind now it almost seems like a party record compared to some of the other stuff I’ve encountered over the intervening years. Sure that party may be the most evil party I’d ever  go to, and there is no certainty that I would actually come out alive, and if I did probably with the loss of a limb or something – but I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it is a strangely accessible record. Maybe the reason for that is that what anchors most of the tracks are fat distorted beats and a phrasing which recalls early Swans material. I don’t own a huge amount of Wolf Eyes but I think this is still my favourite record. If you can’t get into this then the US version of noise may not be your thing.

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