Billy Bao – Sacrilege (Afterburn) 2009

Mattin is a name I’d heard of over the past few years which never made much of an impression and it was only after I read the interview with him The Wire that I thought ‘d seek some of his stuff out. Surprisingly, my local rip-off indie store had this little nugget sitting all but itself for supercheap money. I was expecting something a little stranger than the art/noise punk that Mattin’s band churn out here. I was kind of expecting something a little more Mouthus like, given the number of paragraphs written about his love of improv and AAM. This is sub-Stooges garage punk for the art set with some nice noise underground bits and it really works for me in ways I wasn’t expecting.  Sacrilege is actually a compilation of the vinyl releases that Billy Bao put out in 2007. It contains the Accumulation 7 inch, Fuck Separation 10 inch and the Dialectics of Shit LP. Hats off to Scotti from Missing Link whose Afterburn label has again rescued some never heard obscurities from oblivion. The packaging is great and the booklet is a cracker. Just don’t get sucked into the label description – they almost make this sound like something between Whitehouse and Cherry Point. It’s not – it’s better. Lord I enjoyed this and if you like the clip below go throw Scotti some of your cash over here.

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