Mike Shiflet & Daniel Menche – Stalemate (Sonoris) 2009

I know this sounds so depressingly nerdy but one of the  happier moments I had last year was finding out that Daniel Menche was releasing records again. As a return, Kataract was simply extraordinary and if you still haven’t tracked that down then I advise you to hurry up. I also bought Odradek which I’ll post on later. Some of the best noise/drone records you’ll hear are when two artists get together to form a new collaboration. I’ve never heard of Mike Shiflet before but know Menche pretty well. Stalemate snuck out at the end of 2009 from the French Sonoris label. Like most records in this genre there are few clues at to how the noise is made or processed. On the sleeve of the disc, by the artists names, it lists Hammond Organ and Electronics. Like Bleeding Heavens and its alleged processed trumpets, best of luck finding anything here that resembles an organ. It’s really a bit mad. For Menche fans the three tracks are slow paced pieces of cracking and distorted drone which change and move microscopically. It’s all rather good and worth checking out.

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