Burning Star Core – Papercuts Theater (No Quarter) 2010

C. Spencer Yeh is back with his all mighty psych/drone/noise vehicle Burning Star Core. On his latest “proper” record he sifts through recordings of 60 concerts from the band that span continents and years to come up with one large piece of music which he helpfully splits into four parts.  It is everything that I could want from a Burning Star Core record and more. It somehow straddles psychedelic krautrock, with exquisite drone, free improv spazzfests and full-on noise assaults. It’s in some ways like distilling my whole record collection into 60 minutes of aural pleasure. At times the music takes off like late-Boredoms on a mushroom binge before morphing into PITA-esque brooding drone. Yet for all it’s variety If I hadn’t read the press release I wouldn’t have know that this is ultimately a meticulously put together sound collage of everything that is good in experimental music and noise right now. It’s challenging, exciting and awesome. It’s even better than Challenger and may have tipped Yellow Swans for album of the year.

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