Merzbow – Higabana (Vivo Records) 2006

I was chatting to someone on Lastfm recently who told me that he wasn’t interested in anything Merzbow did after 2000. I’m not sure whether this is some form of snobby elitism or a genuine love for the visceral noise of the mid-1990’s but a narrow focus on Merzbow’s massive back catalogue means that you miss some great records like this one.  The Polish label Vivo is responsible for some of the finest Merzbow records in recent  years, Hodosan and Coma Berenices being the other two I’ve heard. What makes Higanbana a different record to the other two is a complete lack of recognisable forms. This is a full on noise assault. The rock and metal forms of Coma Berenices and Boredoms like spazzfest of Hodosan are now here to be seen. Higanbana is unrelenting, dense clouds of noise that morph and change as layers are added, collapse and supercede. This is the type of Merzbow record I’m enjoying more and more. It’s almost an ultimate distillation of Merzbow’s pure noise.

One Response to “Merzbow – Higabana (Vivo Records) 2006”

  1. Nice. I fucking love this record and don’t know why I haven’t posted on it yet. I agree it’s an assualt on the senses, but he also does a killer job of the whole tension/release thing on this one.

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