Merzbow – Electric Salad (Etherworld) 1995

After I received my copy of Ouroboros I decided to have a bit of a browse through the Soleil Moon webshop and fuck me if they didn’t find a couple of this long out of print title in the depths of their storeroom.

I struggle to come up with anything new to say when reviewing a Merzbow record. All of his standard bag of tricks are on display here and used to great effect. There are three tracks in all with the first short track Prologue getting the ears ready before the sheer noise fuckery of the mammoth second track, Electric Salad, kicks off for the best part of an hour.

Initially I thought this was kind of similar to 1930 in many ways. The playful high end bubble pulses and whips were everywhere. Merzbow displaying his sense of humour and a lightness of touch if you like. But at around the 26 minute mark I realised that this is a very different beast. Shit got weird basically. Merzbow chucks in cuts ups of  movie dialogue, traffic noise  and 1960’s film music into the middle of his noise maelstrom. Does it work? Yeah I think it does,but after the complete noise-fests of Ouroboros and Higanbana, its gave me a bit of a jolt to hear Merzbow at his playful, media cut up best. The final track is also a bit of a gem  but I suspect that by the time many listeners come to terms with”the Salad” noise exhaustion may have set in.

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