Rosy Parlane – Jessamine (Touch) 2006

Last year I saw New Zealand’s Rosy Parlane play at the Open Frame Night at the Brisbane Powerhouse. For thirty  minutes his beautiful, elegiac, organic, ambient drone washed across the space which, as an aside, was a nice break from the previous act, Ilios, who tried to suck all the oxygen out of the room with his nasty oscillations. But like many things  as fragile and lovely as Parlane’s music, it took me a while to fully absorb just how great his music is. Jessamine is the most recent CD Parlane has released. He is much like many of the other Touch artists , say Fennesz and Oren Ambarchi, not exactly prolific. What you do get, like his label mates, is an extraordinary quality. Jessamine is a record that I keep coming back to. He may have fallen under your radar and that would be a shame. As good as Kevin Drumm’s Imperial Horizon. No shit.

4 Responses to “Rosy Parlane – Jessamine (Touch) 2006”

  1. but did you enjoy Ilios’ performance? i thought his was the highlight of the event: the slow-revealing graphic image on the screen with the bass heavy white-wash – which like you wrote – sucking the oxygen out of the room created an overall intense experience i’ve never had before. there was a real threatening attitude behind it too.

    i didn’t get into rosy’s performance as much but i’ll give this record a spin per your recommendation. thanks. also keen to get into Kevin Drumm, too.

    • noisenoisenoise Says:

      I loved Ilios’ performance – there is a review of his last record somewhere on this site which I bought at the show. I’m glad someone else liked it – read the comment attached to that post. Snarky. I liked Parlane’s perfromance because I’m a lover of drone but on that night it was this tremendous contrast from the physical to the sensory. From fear to bliss.

  2. oh wow I totally missed that review! good blog

  3. Great album indeed. It didn’t grab me at first, but after some time I managed to absorb it completely.

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