Jazzkammer – New Water [OHM Records] 2003

This is an absolute cracker. A 3inch mini CD released on the always excellent OHM records in Norway. Today I drove  the kid into the city and we listened to this on the way. After two minutes and no sign of disapproval from the back seat I asked him whether he liked it and he gave me the thumbs up.   As a large wave of high end distortion started I asked him what it sounded like. “That”, he started “That is fire and that is a huge monster roaring and now he is walking.” When the sound of water started after about seven minutes he said ” that is the sea where the dinosaurs go.’ So after listening to this 20+ minute extreme drone, harsh noise/field recording opus the kid is all smiles although he thought it was a bit scary in the second half.  I can’t get him to listen to Sonic Youth but this he loves. It’s been an odd day.

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