Merzbow – Pinkream (Dirter) 1997

The mid to late 1990’s may have been Merzbow’s strongest period. I gradually come around to the view that his strongest work is pre-2000 although I’m not one of those who would  suggest that everything he did post 2000 is of little value (and there are a lot of those folks out there). For beginner noise folks those Merz records are stil the way to go before getting your hands on 1930.

Think about the quality of the albums that were released during the 1990’s; 1930, Space Metalizer, Hybrid Noisebloom, Noisembyo, Oested, Green Wheels, Amlux etc. The striking thing about this period is that most of those releases are now long our of print and except for 1930 you’d have to hunt them down and pay some silly money on Discogs to secure your copy or buy an itunes copy. Pinkream is another harsh noise cracker from the same period. I thought that this was out of print given its limited run of 500 copies but you can still pick up a copy from the Dirter website. I think it is well worth while tracking down – I’d give it an eight on the harshness scale. Its probably quite close to Oested in the industrial noise storm unleashed here. Not one for beginners but a bit of a gem for the rest of us.

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