Wolf Eyes – Wolf Eyes (Bulb) 2000

When I was a wee tacker my older sister was given one of those Casio keyboards with the  inbuilt drum machine. Oddly enough I suspect that the boys from Wolf Eyes grew up with something very similar. That drum machine is everywhere on Wolf Eyes first proper release and if you thought you’d get something approaching Burned Mind’s horrific death disco this will be a puzzling and somewhat amusing listen. For all of the noise records I’ve accumulated in the last couple of years I’ve only got five Wolf Eyes records in total. When I listened to those  records I was always puzzled by the constant media comparisons between ThrobbingGristle and Wolf Eyes. At last I can see the connection because Wolf Eyes is not a harsh noise record and the horror noise of their later incarnations is nowhere to be heard but the expansive and slightly daggy experimentation of TG is all present. If you were to hear this is an invisible jukebox situation then I reckon anyone who was more familiar with the later Wolf Eyes records would draw a blank on this one. If you can get over those hurdles, Wolf Eyes is a pretty good  if very odd listen.

2 Responses to “Wolf Eyes – Wolf Eyes (Bulb) 2000”

  1. I think Wolf Eyes is a bit overrated. Everything they make is so “already heard”.

    Great blog, Dave. A constant source of music information.
    Keep up the good work!

    – sbudella

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