Prurient – Shipwreckers Diary (Ground Fault) 2004

This one took me back a bit. If you have dabbled in a bit of Prurient’s recent work you’ll know that it’s all a bit gothic, power electronics about sexual violence, death, self harm and fluids. I’m a big fan and anyone who hasn’t heard Black Post Society, Cocaine Death or his un-fucking-believable  collaboration with Kevin Drumm needs to do so now. prurient is still producing some of the most vital noise out there right now. Shipwreckers Diary is a much more straight forward noise record than we’re used to. There is no drama or screaming or thematically difficult stuff here. It is a record that owes a lot to Japanese noise and I suspect that if I sent this to you without the cover and wrote Merzbow on it you would be none the wiser although maybe a bit suspicious at the short length  of the tracks. I think it’s always pretty interesting if I discover a noise artist in their later career (hello Kevin Drumm) to have a bit of a fossick around their earlier work. This is a pretty good noise record. It may not be the Prurient I’m  used to but is that always such a bad thing?

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