Sun Araw – Off Duty (Woodist) 2010

Last night I scrambled away from the family to catch the first night of Room 40’s  OpenFrame festival here in Brisbane. My word it was good. It was a great line-up of Pimmon (the freakin’ highlight of the night for me), Aiden Baker and Sun Araw. The entry fee was ridiculously cheap so as a noise nerd it was my duty to drop a shitload of cash on the CD’s on offer. Sun Araw were simply fantastic. A combination of heavy psych, ritualistic beats, drone, noise and a little smattering of acid blues, They obliterated the  rather beautiful and somber vibe Aiden Baker had conjured up less than five minutes earlier. It was a big noise, a hearty room-filling drug vibe that for the first time that night got the audience bobbing their heads and immersing themselves in the groove. I don’t think any record will match just how amazing Sun Araw are live, but Off Duty (which also includes the deleted Boat Trip EP) is a mighty fine way to introduce yourself to the  sound and the vibe.

7 Responses to “Sun Araw – Off Duty (Woodist) 2010”

  1. Thanks for the review, I saw Pimmon in Sydney a couple of weeks ago and he was awesome (though his show back in March here in Adelaide was even better I think). I’ve already got a ticket to see Sun Araw tomorrow night but hadn’t really heard much (there’s a brilliant lineup of local supports though), so now I’m extra keen.

  2. WTF? I didin’t Sun Araw was out here at the moment? I haven’t heard this new one yet, but I love ‘The Phynx’ and ‘Heavy Deeds’.

  3. Actually it’s a shame I couldn’t make it to that Brisbane show, I did consider it since I was in Brisbane earlier this week (in fact, staying a short walk away from the Powerhouse) but had to get back to Adelaide for work. Any Adelaide people should definitely go to the gig at Format tonight, not only Sun Araw but an amazing lineup of supports – Hit the Jackpot, Bitch Prefect, Terrible Truths, Bad Habit – all great bands.

  4. what is the line-up of sun araw? just one guy on keyboards/mixing desk etc… i love the music but (he’s playing over here in belgium) I’m wondering if the gig is worthwile (from a visual point, i don’t like gigs when there ‘s just one guy turning and twisting some buttons or doing whatever on a laptop)

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