Daniel Menche -Flaming Tongues (Blossoming Noise) 2007

The first Menche album I ever tracked down was Glass Forest and there is something in the percussion laced drone that really worked for me and made me a bit of a fan. Flaming Tongues is one of two Menche back catalogue records I really wanted to hear. It is essentially processed percussion but the sound textures he creates are stunning. These pieces are very carefully thought out. Whether it is a death march that becomes a bouncy free for all or the juicy beats that sound almost like a jaw harp, it is one of the best noise/drone records I’ve heard and certainly one of the  best Menche records I own. I think it’s great that Menche is back producing records and there is a few new releases out there that you may need to track down www.deanielmenche.blogspot.com. Just don’t forget to pick up Flaming Tongues while you’re at it.

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