A.C. Temple – Sourpuss (Blast First) 1989

Since starting this blog in June 2007 I have accumulated a huge number of CD’s. Just obscene amounts to be frank. I went from storing CD’s in this 20 drawer purpose-built cabinet I found to warehousing them in multiple locations around my house. It got a bit out of control. Three weeks ago my second kid was born and once we got him home I realised just how little room we have and many of these CD’s needed to go. I was fucking brutal. So far, over 100 CD’s have left  the house – the ones I couldn’t be bothered listing on ebay went to my local rip-off indie store for store credit. During my cull I found something I completely forgot that I owned – A.C. Temples Sourpuss. A record which had never made it to my ipod.  Never heard of them I here you say. Fair enough. If I wasn’t such a label whore in my younger years I wouldn’t have either but listening to this record with fresh ears 20 years after I first bought it I am amazed at how great it sounds. The band themselves came from Sheffield and formed in 1985. They released four albums in all and Sourpuss was their third. Their wikipekdia entry says they were too late for post-punk and too early for grunge. I think that description is crap. A.C. Temple were a great dissonant guitar band and it is a shame they never made it – sadly not even into cult status. The Sonic Youth vibe saturates Sourpuss and I reckon they might be the only band that ever came close to capturing that Sonic Youth guitar work without being Sonic Youth. I’m hanging onto this one – although I’m not going to wait another twenty years to listen to it again. If you want to check out the one’s I’m not hanging on to my ebay name is manitobahill.

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