Bleach – Bleach (Artlos) 1991

I apologise for posting on this one in advance. I know it is hardly noise and a return to proper ear bleeding records will commence shortly, but there are records I have obsessed over since I was a teenager. This is one of them. Now there is no good reason why I have obsessed over this record but it was one of those records that I got from a friend called Marty who I used to trade tapes with pre-internets. It’s funny, but some of the records that he sent still have an effect on me  nearly two decades after I first heard them. In the past couple of months I’ve tried to track down some of those records and this little beast from an obscure UK Shoegazing band was  a record that I always wanted to own. Thanks to the power of discogs a copy managed to turn up. It’s almighty embarrassing that I love this record so much. It is a terribly lame record in many ways. I think one of the kindest things I could find about the band on the Internets is a comment that referred to them a s a “minor shoegazing band from Ipswich”. They only ever released one proper album, Killing Time, which you can find pretty easily with its 4AD style cover art. This seven track record was a compilation of their first few singles and released on a German label just as the band were getting some coverage in the NME and Melody Maker. They were a much better shoegazing band than many of their contemporaries. The songs are better but the girl wasn’t as bonkable as those two from Lush and the boys didn’t have the fringe  thing right at all so they never broke into the premier league of shoegazers. Despite that, they did manage to do two sessions with the mighty John Peel. My main reason for obsessing on this record is the fifth track – Wipe It Away. It was in fact, one of  best songs of the early 1990’s  and was a track that might have been a single of the week in the NME at the the time. If you are a bit nostalgic for shoegazing then this is one that will be a worthwhile record to track down.

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