Jazkamer – Metal Music Machine (Smalltown Supernoise) 2006

When I write about records from most bands or artists my job is kind of easy. If you’ve had any experience with a particular band then you’ll know what sort of sound that band produces and then it is a doddle to explain whether the current record is better, worse, or more of the same. A band like Lasse Marhaug and John Hegre’s  Jazkamer is a beast of a thing to post on. I have seven Jazkamer records and no two of them sound the same. When I say that they don’t sound the same I mean it literally. Take Metal Music Machine for instance. Before I heard this I had heard the pure noise records of Lasse Marhaug, the micro quiet noise of Pancakes, the Norwegian impishness of Hot Sexy Karaoke and the avant garde sound explorations of Balls the Size of Texas. None of those records can prepare you for the sound unleashed on this. Metal Music Machine is a leather clad, behemoth of grindcore, doom, black, speed and more avant metal sounds. It is quite literally one of the best metal records I have ever heard (and this from someone who has never been much of a metal fan). It drips with pure pleasure. What I’d really like to say is that Metal Music Machine is one of the best Jazkamer records I own but that defeats the point because no one can ever be in a position to compare Jazkamer records. Each has a different style. It would be like comparing Merzbow with Shonen Knife. Each Jazkamer record has to stand alone and as a stand alone record, Metal Machine Music is a great album.


One Response to “Jazkamer – Metal Music Machine (Smalltown Supernoise) 2006”

  1. It’s so good that Smalltown Supersound created a special label for it 🙂

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