Merzbow / Carlos Giffoni – Synth Destruction (Important) 2007

This is a blast. Seriously, as a noise nerd looking for an hour of non-stop sonic bastardry this is worth while tracking down. Those of you looking for a reflection of Giffoni’s sonic- physical extreme minimalism can find nothing here. This is Merzbow’s show and Giffoni is maintaining pace whilst exploring sounds they I last heard on his Welcome Home album rather than the sublime sonic architecture of Arrogance. Synth Destruction is harsh noise heaven and another example of why Merzbow’s collaborations rank with some of his finest solo work.


One Response to “Merzbow / Carlos Giffoni – Synth Destruction (Important) 2007”

  1. Hi Dave! I surely share the taste for Giffoni’s music. However, I would suggest that one of the best collaborations Merzbow ever did, actually, is “V”, with Finnish electronic masters Pan Sonic. Also, have a look at “Partikel”, another collaboration by the japanese god together with dark ambient giant Nordvargr.


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