No Anchor – Steam (Self Released) 2009

I got sent a record by a local band which was released recently. I had never head of them which is not surprising given my inability to catch any band live these days. It sucked to be frank but  as I did a bit of research on that  band I somehow came across No Anchor, a Brisbane based duo of Alex Gilles and Ian Rogers. I downloaded their first record (which I’ll review at a later time) and felt so guilty I forked out money for Steam, their most recent opus. It is tremendous stuff. Steam is produced by avant-royalty Lawrence English (Room40) and is a compendium of bonged-out psychedelic fuzz  and fucked up sludge, garage punk. But the treat for avant rock nerds like ourselves is the epic fourth track – an atmospheric, drone-rock number which may be the best track I’ve heard from any Australian act this year. If this is any indication of how strong my local scene is then I need to get my arse out a bit more in the new year. This beautifully packaged disc can be bought straight from the band at  I recommend that you get the twenty dollars your Nanna gave you for Christmas and buy this straight away.

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