Nurse With Wound – Shipwreck Radio Volume 1 (ICR / United Diaries) 2004

Between June and July 2004 Colin Potter and Steven Stapleton travelled to the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic Circle at the invitation of Kunst I Nordland. They were not allowed to take any instruments and took only minimal equipment. The band were required to create three pieces per week as they explored the islands which were to be broadcast on the local radio station. Seven of the tracks are collected here. This is one of the favourite records in the DBS house. My four year old can’t get enough of it. I suspect  he enjoys trying to figure out each of the sounds that goes to make up this tremendous collection of processed field recordings.

The islands are essentially a fishing community. The liner notes are evocative of the isolation and strangeness of the islands. During the months they were there, the sun never set and the the smell of drying cod and the sight of their headless drying bodies were a constant. The sound of the waves lapping against a boat, looped excerpts of conversations with the locals, the sound of sea birds and even the appearance of a brass band during the local music festival “Codstock” all weave in and out of the isolated sound scapes collected here. It is one of my favourite NWW records and one of my favourite records full stop. I am a sucker for great field recordings and this strange  yet oddly engaging record is an absolute joy. Welcome to Utvaer!

2 Responses to “Nurse With Wound – Shipwreck Radio Volume 1 (ICR / United Diaries) 2004”

  1. Welcome to Utvaer …
    the best thing from this double CD is the 2nd song of CD1 where you have an infinite loop of someone saying “I’m English – I can’ speak Norwegian” mixed together with a little girl who goes on and on in … Norwegian I guess … after which you hear “I don’t know” or “probably” or “I don’t know” and “I’m English – I can’ speak Norwegian” and the little girl goes “huh?” and so on and so on. The 3rd song of CD1 should be played by a surround system on max volume – did it once and OMG, fucking hallucinating!
    Do you have all 3 volumes? In case you don’t, the first volume is actually the one you really need as it’s very good, volume 2 is rather average but still OK, but the 3rd volume (comes in a plastic sleeve) is just horrible!

    • noisenoisenoise Says:

      Yep I’ve got the second as well. You’re right – not as good. I thought I’d give the third a swerve. You’ve confirmed what I’ve heard.

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