This Heat – Deceit (Rough Trade) 1981

I haven’t done a best of list for 2010 because most of what I ended up listening to last year wasn’t released in 2010. But for what it’s worth I think the year was defined by Kevin Drumm’s Necro Acoustic and Jazkamer’s monthly series. Merzbow released two great albums in Ouroborous and Merzbient. Yellow Swans released a remarkable record and Emeralds, Salem and Burning Star Core were great.  Surgeon’s Fabric Mix was awesome as well and The Swans pulled a cracker out – a great record. Lasse Marhaug’s The Quiet North blew me away and Menche’s Terre Paroxysm was an unheralded gem. Naked on the Vague was a great Siltbreeze release. The  Dead C and Gate also made records I really enjoyed.

Yet most of my listening pleasure last year was derived from explorations of the past. Take This Heat’s Deceit. How I had never heard of this record until this year is a source of mild embarrassment. This is like nothing you’ve heard before. The best I can come up with is it’s kind of like Supersilent with a Wire fixation. It’s not punk and it is not strictly  post-punk – maybe it avant-post-pop-jazz-punk. When I heard this I heard a bunch of things that have popped up in all sorts of avant and experimental rock in the  last thirty years. It’s remarkable. The band didn’t exist for long and I think they only left two studio albums as their legacy, Deceit being the final and probably the best. The version I own is the rerelease from 2006. This is one of those albums like Metal Box and Chairs Missing which defines British experimental rock in the post punk years. And if you love those records you’ll need a copy o fthis

4 Responses to “This Heat – Deceit (Rough Trade) 1981”

  1. You should listen to the first self-titled album, much less song-oriented than deceit … splendid album!

  2. I was going to recommend the same thing … first album is essential.

  3. I’m a bit meh about the first record, Deceit is a corker though.

  4. I heard Deceit for the first time about a year ago and its quickly become one of my favorite albums. The first album is good as well, Twilight Furniture is one of their very best songs.

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