Kevin Drumm – Comedy (Moikai) 2000

There were some great records that came out last year. The one that has stayed with me the most was the mighty Necro Acoustic which I think stands as a staggering record. Necro Acoustic was one of those records that had me wanting to explore the entirety of an artist’s back catalogue. For any noise/drone artist that is an impossible task given the number of small release CD-r’s and cassettes that are usually feature of their work and with Drumm there are some horribly rare records that I will never hear. Luckily, although there is fuck all of his records in print (some collaborations with Menche and Prurient, the stuff on Hospital, Sheer Hellish Miasma and the last year’s re-releases of his first two), a fair few of his records are easy to track down. Probably the easiest is Comedy. You can pick it up for a couple of bucks from Amazon. The question I suppose is that is there a point trying to get it? On balance I think there is. There are two shorter versions of Organ, the track that made its first appearance in full on Necro Acoustic) which are both great and are essentially a sophisticated drone call and response. There are two short pieces under three minutes which are both great and the fourth track Just Like a Parvenu is also fantastic. The only downside is the third track To The Ending. It would be easy to make a corny joke about the title considering that I haven’t met a track as boring since the crap that featured on Birchville Cat Motel’s Seventh Buried Hex. I actually couldn’t wait for it to end. I suppose it is successful in that sense. It made me tense and a bit agitated but with the rest of the album being so damn good it just sticks out like a sore thumb. Comedy is closer to his drone based works rather than the much harsher noise based Sheer Hellish Miasma and Land of Lurches. I think it’s essentially an album full of great tracks it is just not uniformly brilliant. Worth a listen.

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