Mamuthones – Mamuthones (Boring Machines) 2011

This album is a great example of how a listener’s first track impressions should never be allowed to define an entire record. Mamuthones are the group created by two departed members of Jennifer Gentle. I am not familiar with JG’s work at all. I remember seeing their Sub Pop released album around a few years ago but gave it a wide berth in the fear that it might be more of that Americana shit that was so beloved at the time. I still have no idea what they sound like but if they sound anything like Mamuthones then I need to track some of their records down.

This record has been my companion on my walks home from work at night for the past two weeks. The first track is crap and I’m almost inclined to have this record on my ipod with that track deleted because it sits so uneasily with what the great avant rock music of which makes up the rest of the record. The tracks themselves are all completely different. The second track is like  the Religious Knives at their liturgical, karmic best or what it would sound like if Brooklyn hipsters invaded a black mass. The third track Ota Benga is like early Melvins with the sludge removed. A New Start is shimmering space drone that sounds like it belongs on a Mego or Type record.

I decided to look up youtube to find a video so you could have a listen but all I came across initially was this strange shit.

Mamuthones are the bloke with the bells and are some throw back to pre-Christian Sardinia.  The band and the scary wooden faced men share a basis in ritual. The fact that the band celebrate ritual through a burden laden psychedelia makes perfect sense. Barring the first track the entire record is great. My favourite is the fifth track is Kash-O-Kashak which is what I wish all rock music sounded like.

Check out the Boring Machines website. The Fabio Orsi record they’ve released is also mind blowing and will get a review a few weeks.


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