Jazkamer – Matthew 28:17 (Pica Disk) 2010

Matthew 28:17 was the August release in Jazkamer’s fantastic monthly series of 2010. What sets this one apart from others (in addition to the awesome cover art by Government Alpha) in the series is the massive dose of drama  that makes it one of the best releases in Jazkamer’s entire catalogue. Here we find Jazkamer up to all sorts of noisy goodness. The epic drugged-out guitar of the first track, Psychedelic Buzz Aldrin and Pragmatic Albert Hoffman, is locked behind an impenetrable wall of fuzz and drone. The walls of noise become sentient, surging masses in Cosmic Cookies which envelop and almost strangle that same retro psychedelic guitar in a winner-takes-all death roll. There is an over riding “space” influence on Matthew 28:17 but their is no sign of the celestial bliss that might accompany such a theme. I own a lot of Jazkamer records and I can’t recall ever hearing them embrace psychedelic noise in such an overt way. In fact it is a very good starting point if you’ve ever wanted to dabble in the vast Jazkamer world.

One Response to “Jazkamer – Matthew 28:17 (Pica Disk) 2010”

  1. Hi Dave… In a previous post I’ve read you are considering that noise is stagnating. Then I’ve noted your appreciation for static-driven noise, as in the case of Werewolf Jerusalem. I think time is mature for you to jump on the train of Harsh Noise Wall, a great subgenre, with a strong emphasis on nihilist aesthetic: a hnw listening session is very akin to zazen meditation, in my humble opinion.
    So, if you need a boot to reappreciate noise, give it a try, it’s the new “big thing” in noise at the moment.

    I provide a link to a blog where you can find tons of out of print hnw records, uploaded with permission.


    Start with “A View From Nihil – Triumph of the Broken Will”, a great hnw droning work.

    Hope you enjoy,
    – Giuseppe

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