Lorenzo Senni – Quantum Jelly (Editions Mego) 2012

Lorenzo Senni  is a name I’ve heard before, mostly from  his emails about Presto? Records, but who I have never actually heard. Now I’ve admitted in the past to being a bit of a label whore and Editions Mego is one of the labels that I spend a great deal of cash keeping up with. More importantly  do you see those shoes on the cover? I own them but mine are orange. Right comfortable they are. See that blue gel substance in the sole. Bouncy it is. It also tells you a bit about Quantum Jelly itself.

There are a number of Mego artists that play around with the carcass of techno in all its various forms. snd’s Mark Fell is probably the best known. I’ve always found Fell’s work to be extremely uncomfortable because of the way he shaves away all of the fun from techno and creates sterile minimalist beats. I suspect that the techno that Fell is inspired with is of the stark Basic Channel variety. Senni is much more concerned with that cloyingly sentimental Western European trance music so beloved by, you know, the Dutch for instance. Yet unlike Fell, Senni doesn’t try to obliterate the beats beyond recognition. The tracks are simple and reductionist but some of the cheese is left in there. This is most obvious on the third track MakeBelieve, which I hated myself for liking. But you know, there are reasons why this stuff is popular. It is after all basically emotional music for the essentially soul less. There is a fair amount of colour in this jelly but it may be best not to over think it. It is a record that is not going to change the world but I can’t help but like it. As comfortable as those blue asics trainers.

One Response to “Lorenzo Senni – Quantum Jelly (Editions Mego) 2012”

  1. “It is after all basically emotional music for the essentially soul less”
    Quote of the year!

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