My name is Dave. I’m a lawyer based in Brisbane, Australia. I’m a total rock snob who is rapidly embracing noise. This blog has been created to review records I like and some I kind of don’t. If you want to drop me a line I’m at ducksbattlesatan@gmail.com.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Good to see you are a snob!

  2. for a brisbane boy your reviews lack ay infomation about australian music besides the liars and myself

    do you go to shows here or are you a bedroom noise nerd?

  3. love your site. found you as i was trying to do some research on the Woods. Thanks for posting.

  4. Love the blog so much, I’ve nominated you for an award – check my site for info!!

  5. for a long time noise hound like myself, this blog is amazing…to go back and talk old skullflower, sun city girls, etc. is great…obsidian shaking codex is one of skullflowers greatest, i have a ton of noise bands if you ever looking for specific titles by obscure noise makers i may have it, i’d be happy to read what you have to say about them…also if you are looking for the Celan album Halo, i have a pre-release of it…it’s not bad…sounds more like unsane than the other contributers but its all right.

    keep it up!

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