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Indignant Senility – Plays Wagner (Type) 2010

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Boomkat recently had a sale on all their Type stock. I had a field day and picked up shitloads of fantastic records which I never knew existed. All I really wanted to buy when I logged into Boomkat was Black to Comm’s Alphabet 1968 but ended up with so much more. One of the records that I took a punt on and that has ended up changing the way I listen to music is Indignant Senility’s Plays Wagner. Indignant Senility is one of the projects of Pat Maherr who is probably more well know for his DJ Screw inspired deconstruction of obscure gangsta rap in Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting. In both projects he uses the same set up to create something both haunting and a little creepy. On Plays Wagner he brings his technique to classical music  and fucks with it until it loses all form and structure. It is a remarkable record that requires close listening because the clouds of what is kind of halfway to a dark ambient experience sometimes part to reveal the source material.  As the genre of noise stagnates I’m finding myself more drawn to these types of records and if you’re in the same position as me I reckon you should probably listen to this.


Kyle Bobby Dunn – A Young Person’s Guide To Kyle Bobby Dunn (Low Point) 2010

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Once I immersed myself in the concept of noise and drone and I started listening to as much of it as I possibly could, I realised that there a an absolute plethora of subsets within the two genres. I mean, when I started getting in to this sort of stuff the idea that there would  be different sorts of noise and a kaleidoscope of different drone records  would have seemed a nonsense. The fact is that drone travels all of the way from the  minimalist early records of Kevin Drumm, branches off in to near ambient territory and at the extreme end sometimes intersects with noise (Lasse Marhaug) to create an incessant maelveolence. This record by Kyle Bobby Dunn of 12 long tracks over two discs travels in the “almost ambient realm” of drone. It’s like a cross between Brian Eno’s Music for Airports and Birchville Cat Motel with a Stars of the Lid vibe. Kyle Dunn is a composer and sound artist based in New York. He uses conventional instruments before processing him into these quite beautiful, epic pieces. This is the sound of peace and serenity. Ambient may be a dirty word in the noise/drone/experimental community but records like this prove that it shouldn’t be.

Finneyerkes – Gather and Sing (self released) 2009

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Ahhhhh! Crappily small artwork alert!

One of the bonuses about writing stuff about records is that  people indeed send me their records to listen to. I get sent a fair bit so it takes me some time to sift through the stuff that doesn’t work for me to get to the truly great records. After all this is a blog about the records I like. My standards for what I post on at Ducks Battle Satan are high. So in that spirit, over the next couple of weeks I’ll post on those records you probably have never heard off but which I think you probably need to hear. First up is one I’ve had for a while: Gather and Sing.

Finneyerkes are a a duo of Matt Finney (a 21 year old poet from Alabama) and the  ambient musician Randy Yerkes. Their sound is spoken word, haunting, end of the world ambient soundscapes and media samples. It is a deeply emotional record, one that I doubt I’ll be able to do justice to on this site. I love this sort of sound and the way in which  the spoken word elements are added  makes it seem like transmissions from the past. It’s post apocalyptic hauntology, sadly beautiful and worthy of your time. Gather and Sing and some of their other records are free for download from here.

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