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Best of 2012

Posted in Best of on December 27, 2012 by noisenoisenoise

For those of you following the absolutely indispensable “The Antidote Podcast” you may have had a sneak preview of my best of list for 2012. This year I decided to be less of  a pussy and actually rank them. 2012 has been an amazing year for experimental music and getting my list down to 10 has been a slog

1. Mike Shiflet – The Choir, The Army

2. Mick Shiflet / Joe Panzner  – Split

3. Helm – Impossible Symettry

4. Carter Tutti Void – Transverse

5. Trouble Books – Concatenating Fields

6. Lee Gamble – Diversions 1994 – 1996

7. Daniel Menche – Guts

8. Heroin In Tahiti – S/T

9. Gyps – Den

10. Jason Lescalleet / Aaron Dilloway – Grapes and Snakes

Best of 2007

Posted in Best of, Music on December 24, 2007 by noisenoisenoise

Actually, I have no idea whether they are or aren’t. These are the records released this year that rocked my world. They are in no particular order.

  1. Low – Drums and Guns
  2. Panda Bear – Person Pitch
  3. Merzbow -Merzbear
  4. Woods – At Rear House (still not as good as How to Survive though!)
  5. Liars – Liars
  6. KTL – KTL
  7. Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam
  8. The Chumps – The Problem with Saxophones
  9. Birchville Cat Motel – Birds Call Home Their Dead
  10. Birchville Cat Motel – Bird Sister Blasphemy
  11. Birchville Cat Motel – Astro catastrophes (This, I think, is my record of the year. I’ll post on it soon. It is fucking extraordinary.)
  12. Yellow Swans – At All Ends (and this would be a close second)
  13. Von Sudenfed – Tromatic Reflexxions
  14. The Dead C – Future Artists
  15. Black Dice – Load Blown
  16. John Wiese -Soft Punk
  17. Sunn O))) – Oracle
  18. Boris and Merzbow – Rock Dream

There you go then. A bit of tune, a bit of noise and a bit of hippy nonsense.

Thanks to all who have left comments this year. Cheers!

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