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Carlos Giffoni – Welcome Home (Important) 2005

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Compared to the records he’s released on his No Fun imprint, Welcome Home is a very different beast. Adult Life and Arrogance had Giffoni exploring small ideas and doing them really well (Lord I love those records). Welcome Home on the other hand is a clusterfuck of noise influences and that’s just the first two minutes of the opening track. Straight away I heard a huge Merzbow influence and the sense of humour which Scandinavian noise like Spunk, Jazkamer and Fe-mail are known for. In fact in many ways as far as noise goes it is very un-American in it’s sound. It is less visceral than many of his US contemporaries and that is no bad thing.

Welcome Home took Giffoni three years to make and was his first full length record as a solo artist and in some ways when I listen to this, that context makes sense because Welcome Home sounds like every great idea that ever occurred in noise shoved on to one CD. It’s a very wild ride indeed and if you like Merzbow and Jazkamer as much as I do then I recommend giving this a go.  You might need a good lie down afterwards though. And a cigarette as well.

Carlos Giffoni – Adult Life (No Fun) 2008

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This record made by 2008 “Best of” list for very good reason. I think that Giffoni is making some of the best noise going around at the moment. He appears not to be beholden to the harshness and extremity of many of his noise brethren and instead allows his ideas and sound to evolve. He doesn’t pack each track with a hundred ideas but allows his tracks to breath and engage. It is compelling stuff and although I have a few isuses with Track 4, I still think that Giffoni really gets this noise genre and may even give some regard to his listener before committing it to tape. I’d even hazard an opinion that this is even better than Arrogance and if your a reader of this blog you know just how much I loved that record. Just before Xmas I managed to get a copy of his record Welcome Home (I’ll post on that one later) his solo release on Important. What struck me about that record is that there has been an obvious  evolution from being just another a follower of Merzbow’s power electronics to something much more sublime. Some credit should  also be given to him for his label No Fun. He’s released some of my favourite records of the last two years including the horribly awesome  Certainty of Swarms by Hair Police. As an aside to the reader who found this blog by typing in “Carlos Giffoni sucks” I hate to break it to you but as far as his noise goes, he really doesn’t.  

Live at No Fun Fest 2008

Carlos Giffoni – Arrogance (No Fun) 2006

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I first came across Carlos Giffoni when I stumbled across a copy of the Synth Destruction record he did with Merzbow in a chain store record bargain bin at the beginning of a year. Since that time I seem to be coming across him more and more. Besides being the founder of No Fun records and releasing excellent records by Religious Knives and Thurston Moore,  he also manages to produce his own variant of noise either with collaborators like Alan Licht, Lee Ranaldo, Merzbow, Fe-Mail etc., or releasing his own thing. Because of the rapidly dawning fact that I am a whore for Important records, I thought I would have started with Welcome Home or Northern Stains (his collaboration with Fe-Mail), Instead I picked up Arrogance from the excellent ebay seller Rowche Rumble who I also bought Merzbow’s out of print Bariken   and a Nurse with Wound record from. I’m a sucker for postage discounts so Arrogance become my next step in Giffoni’s back catalogue.

Arrogance is of course a noise record but it’s the first noise record I’ve heard that alters the volume and intensity of oscillating pulses to achieve an actual physical reaction. The first time I played this record It freaked me out. On the first track No More Air the  the noise is manipulated to create a sensation like the pressure in my ears was being changed. One minute the pulses were clear, the  next I felt like I was hearing them underwater, the next like I was directly under the still turning rotars of a helicopter. I could feel the pressure in my ears build and then fade and that’s just the  first track! I’m sure listening to this is not good for my long term aural health but No More Air is the second most listened to track on my ipod. This is a minimalist noise record. It uses repetition  to create a very noisy (and loud)  variant of drone. It’s well worth checking out.



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