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Clockcleaner – Babylon Rules (Load) 2007

Posted in Clockcleaner, Music, Pissed Jeans on October 14, 2007 by noisenoisenoise


This one was a recommendation from Daniel at Missing Link. I was ordering the new Yellow Swans and he told me about this one which was also released on Load. I’ve posted before how in my younger days I became a label whore. Most rock jerks know what I’m talking about, Blast First, SST, Subpop, 4AD, Mute blah blah blah. Although those days are over, I reckon Load could make me revert. Besides the awesome Yellow Swans record, they’ve also released the new Mouthus, that great Lightening Bolt record of a couple of years ago and this little gem.

Clockcleaner are a three piece from Philadelphia and I think this is their first full length after an EP or two (although I’m probably completely wrong on that). There’s a great write up in the latest Distort fanzine (which is oddly enough written by Daniel and available at missing link for like $3.00) so I’m not going to give you a history.

This follows in the mold of Pissed Jeans. There is a huge Jesus Lizard influence in what they do, but whereas Pissed Jeans were (to my ears) slurping at the fountain of the Rollins Band, Clockcleaner rub themselves up against the Cramps. Now I mean that in a good way but it sounds like they weren’t wearing pants. Babylon Rules is a great sweaty mix of psychobilly guitar, David Yow threats and fuck it, Killdozer. This is better than Pissed Jeans and well worth tracking down. Thanks for the recommendation Daniel.

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