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Death in June – Rule of Thirds (Solielmoon) 2008

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There are people who just should not make music anymore. Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Flipper and now Death in June. Unless of course you are looking for vaguely fascist, neo-folk gobshite. The early album are crackers. This is just crap.

Nurse With Wound – Gyllenskold, Geijerstam and I at Rydberg’s (United Jnana) 2008)

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This is the remastered re-release of Nurse with Wound’s 1983 album. In addition to the three original tracks this CD also has a reworked version of each of  the tracks. The reworked version was originally released in 1993.  This is my first exposure to Nurse With Wound. I quite frankly found their back catalogue intimidating (and fucking expensive) and I just had no idea where to start. Luckily that problem resolved itself when friends of mine turned up to my birthday lunch with this in hand. I had no idea they were Nurse with Wound fans and had no idea what to expect when I took this  home.  Nurse With Wound is basically Stephen Stapleton and friends and I wasn’t too sure whether this was going to sound more like Throbbing  Gristle, Coil  or Current 93. What I quickly discovered is that Nurse with Wound, at least on this record, sounded nothing like those bands. This is extremely weird tape loop experiments. It’s hard to say much more than that really. I can’t figure out how to explain the sounds on this. I suppose the  first track the  bizarrely titled Several off moments before prior to lunch could work as a sado-horror movie soundtrack. It’s creepy, unsettling and oddly compelling. 

The main thing that strikes me about this re-release is just how good it sounds. If you didn’t know that it was recorded in 1983 you’d be none the  wiser. This is a thoroughly modern weird, experimental record. Unlike their contemporaries this has aged very well indeed. It’s not going to be for everyone but I find it strangely listenable. I have no idea whether this is representative of Nurse with Wound and in some ways my desire to find out isn’t really there. I like this and have listened to it everyday since I got it a couple of weeks ago. Excellent stuff.

Coil – Scatology (Force and Form) 1985

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….. and Throbbing Gristle begat Psychic TV and Psychic TV begat Coil. And Coil doth said,”and we will make a record which is industrial with some quiet bits yet with noise.” And Dave did read the reviews and said unto himself, “I should buy that.” Dave didst purchase the record with a bum shewn upon its cover. And Dave didst listen to the record and said unto himself’ “Fuck this hasn’t aged well.” and he was right. It hast not aged well. In fact one shall say that it is the shite. And not in a comely way. And then Dave remindest himself, “thoust does not even like industrial music.” And Yea it was true. Dave didst find industrial music boring and pretentious. Much like this post really.

I’m sure this was good in 1984 but lordy I haven’t cringed my way through a record in years. There’s a kind of interesting slowed down version of Tainted Love at the end, but by the time you’ve got to that interest should have well and truly been lost.

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