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Death in June – Rule of Thirds (Solielmoon) 2008

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There are people who just should not make music anymore. Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Flipper and now Death in June. Unless of course you are looking for vaguely fascist, neo-folk gobshite. The early album are crackers. This is just crap.

Death in June – Lesson 1: Misanthropy (Solielmoon) 2009

Posted in Death In June, Music on July 5, 2009 by noisenoisenoise


Fuck, this mob are dodgy. The arguments about whether Death In June are facsists or not seem to rage on fan forums and  in various other media. Do I think they’re fascists? Not sure but their celebration of european unity certainly creates a place for the comparisons to be made. Their facsist imagery is unquestionable and the argument about them using extreme material to make a point is quite frankly bullshit and if They’re not fascists then the use of the imagery is pathetic and childish. I have a similar view of Whitehouse. Those dudes are creeps, getting off on shock value. And there is something creepy about Death in June, maybe even unsettling. While I was looking around for videos to attach to this post there are some appalling fan videos using imagery of death camps. The apologia for fascist nostalgia sticks to Death in June like a fly to shit.

But this is where my dilemma comes in, I really like the music of Death in June. Especially this re-release of a compilation of the first incarnation of the band prior to 1986. This record has  some of the tracks form Burial, out of print cassettes and  The Guilty Have No Pride album and unlike The Phoenix has Risen, the tracks are complimented by some very good production which makes the early 1980’s industrial, gothic vibe much more special. The version I’ve got has a nifty DVD and a patch which would look nice sewn on a jacket at the next skinhead rally. This is way better than their latter day incarnation as a dark-folk band but I doubt I’ve ever been this conflicted about a band before in my life. And this comes from the mass going Catholic who has a rather spiffy collection of black metal.

Death In June – All Pigs Must Die (Leprosy Discs) 2001

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I have a mild interest in the avant garde British bands that centre around Current 93 and Nurse with Wound. Antony, Baby Dee and Ben Chasny from Six Organs of Admittance are all collaborators with David Tibet an this is how Death in June turned up on my radar. When I mentioned their name to my mate Doc the only words he could utter were “no” and “Fascists”. A bit of research confirmed his misgivings and he is right, there is something really dodgy about Death In June. But this is a band that opened for The Birthday Party. Check out there wikipedia entry to get the  full run down.

Despite my misgivings I now own four Death in June records. I’m not sure exactly how that happened but I started having a strange fascination with their live stuff on youtube and my local indie record store has  pretty massive collection of their stuff. All Pigs Must Die is is chock full of new, weird British folk music with vaguely fascist overtones and a little gothic intent. If you like the video I’ve included in this post then odds on you are going to like this.  At least for the first sic tracks. after that the record becomes much more strange. Peppered with experimental  sound, squealing pigs, ominous atmospherics and other odd crap you’d expect from a man that hangs around Tibet and Stapleton. Essentially All Pigs Must Die is a suite of music. Songs that kick the record off are reinterpreted in later tracks  which sometimes work and sometimes don’t. I still haven’t fully made a decision on this but for the most part, if you can set the fascist stuff to one side, it’s not bad at all.

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