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Evol – Magia Potagia (Mego) 2005

Posted in Evol, Music, noise on October 21, 2009 by noisenoisenoise


What a fucking shitty record this is. Released on the usually safe label Mego, Magia Potagia which probably translates to”piece of crap” is one of the most excruciating noise records I’ve ever sat through. Evol are a Spanish duo who robbed me of $20 by not having a warning sticker saying how useless this record is. There are three tracks. The first sounds like John Wiese scoring a Loony Toons cartoon which, you know, sounds fucking awesome until you realise that the fucking thing goes for 28 fucking minutes. The second sounds like a swarm of electronic mosquitoes which again ┬ásounds totally great but that’s all it fucking does – no variation, no interest full stop. The third sounds like the music of a fairground carousel being back masked – again no variation. The concept is all good the execution all bad. These guys obviously have a sense of humor but if you’re looking for some fun in your noise go buy a Jazkamer record instead – they are way better.

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