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Posted in fIREHOSE, Music on March 1, 2008 by noisenoisenoise


I heard and fell in love with fIREHOSE before I even knew who the Minutemen were. This makes me less cool on the scale of indie-rock coolness because to many fIREHOSE were an abomination. As we all know fIREHOUSE were Mike and George from the Minutemen with rabid Minutemen fan Ed Crawford (Ed fROMOHIO) and formed after the death of D. Boon. SST records released some fantastic records and some may say that by the time they reached 1990 the best years had passed the label by. That is true, but in their latter years they still managed to pump out the odd great album and fROMOHIO is a classic example. There is still strong opinions on this record and fIREHOSE in general. I don’t try to compare them to the Minutemen because that band was so unique that it’s difficult to see how anything compares to them. If I was going to describe fIREHOUSE based on this record I’d say like a classic SST band that listened to a little to much Neil Young. I can’t believe this record is now eighteen years old and a couple of times a year I’ll cue it up and let it rip. fIREHOSE along with the Meat Puppets were a different sort of punk band; more like a pastoral garage band. The only thing I can find from this record is Riddle of the Eighties. It’s not the strongest song on the record but is pretty representative.

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