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No-Neck Blues Band -NNCK Meets the Clear People with Mystery Gypped: Live at Ken’s Electric Lake [LIVE] (Locust) 2007

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A dilemma. I hate Hippies. No-Neck Blues Band are hippies. I like No-Neck Blues band. Did you see this lot in the Wire. Too many ginger beards I think. Improvisation? Meh. There is a very fine line between inspired improvisation and a two thumbs down clusterfuck. The great thing about this record is that they really hit the mark. No-Neck Blues Band sound kinda like Sun City Girls meets Jackie-o Motherfucker  with the Dead C fucking around at the edges.  This record spans two discs and rather than name the tracks, they split the continuous  improvisation into sections. There are eight sections in all and the music can run the gamit of pastoral, avant garde, experimental, tribal drum circle and drugged out jam band but for the most part No-Neck Blues Band occupy the very left side of the whole free-folk thing. I like it. I don’t know if I need much of it but it’s worth tracking down.

Woods Family Creeps – Woods Family Creeps (Time Lag) 2008

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I was pretty excited when I came across this in Missing Links new releases pages. As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I hate hippies. Always have. I make an exception for this mob though. Woods Family Creeps are basically Brooklyn’s Woods with an extra member. Not that you’d know there was an extra member on this, Wood Family Creeps sounds just as charmingly no-fi and minimalist as previous Woods releases. I’ve always had a thing for their lo-fi sweetly, weird love songs. For the most part  Wood Family Creeps certainly don’t fuck with the  formula exhibited by Woods on At Rear House and How to Survive  In the Woods but their is a more melancholy edge to the whole  thing. There are moments of experimental weirdness (especially the fourth track Family) that stick out a bit on an  album that is chock full of what are in essence pretty straight forward pop songs done by freak folk troubadours. 

I love their sound. Can’t get enough. Try to track it down if you love Woods as much as I do.

The first track, End to End

Woods – Don’t Pass On Me (From “At Rear House” CD) Video

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Look what I found!

Woods – How to Survive + In the Woods (Release the Bats) 2006

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There are many reasons why I hate hippies. For instance when a stinky hippy says ” Wow you bought a new car. That is a strain on the environment” whilst they drive around in a lead petrol spewing van. Or the time that a shitty hippy chewed me out because I am a lawyer. I had the audacity to ask him what he did and he then proceeded to snottily tell me how he was on a fucking spiritual journey and that he was on the dole to help facilitate his on going fascination with african drumming. Fuck off white boy. Or that stupid middle class white hippy chick who tells me how she is going to spread the value of human rights to developing Asia and all I think is “Fuck off. That’s exactly what the third world needs, another white child of privilege talking down to brown people.” Fucking great. She didn’t even get just how fucking racist and condescending she was being. Or that “vegan activist” who never told her mates that she enjoyed a sausage roll when she thought she was alone.

Anyway ….. sorry about that. Hippies are no good. You may have gleamed that from this stupid little blog. I make this admission because I have no idea why I love The Woods so much. This is THE most played album on Mr Boo. By a country fucking mile I might add. This is their first release and is a CD transfer of the double C20 cassette version that was released on Fuck It Tapes in 2005. It is sweet, hippy, folkish, amateurish rootsy pop/rock at its best. This album is pure joy on a shiny silver thing. It’s songs about love and loss recorded straight on to cassette tape. The hiss, fizz and fuzz is all there. Just two guys and their guitars, one take and no drums. Fucking blissful, sweet melodies collide with lo-fi brilliance. It begs to be loved and fuck it, I do. But not in a dirty way. It’s even better than At Rear House because its pure, its amateurish and great and anyone who tells you differently needs to be punched.

Woods – At Rear House CD (Shrimper)

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woods.jpgI hate folk and I hate hippies, but fuck I love this band. Hippy-dippy introspective free folk at its best.  This album whispers in my ear while tickling my arse. Yes that good.

 I discovered Woods when I bought a whole stack of stuff from Release the Bats records of Gothenburg, Sweden.  I’m not one to listen to something before I buy it. Reference a couple of bands I already know when describing your record and I’ll enter that credit card number before you can say “for fucks sake stop! You don’t even know what they sound like!”

I’ts like a thrilling game of russian roulette but expensive, and you know, without the death and stuff.  Most of the time this works well. Others have been unmitigated disasters (LCD Soundsystems is a case in point. How the fuck did this record get such plaudits? “Daft Punk are playing at my house yeah at my house” Oh fuck off!)

 Woods has been an fucking discovery. One of the descriptions I read referenced Animal Collective. What complete shit. Lazy stereotyping is the fucking bane of decent music criticism. I like Animal Collective. I own just about  everything they’ve ever released. But sometimes they shit me. Their oh so clever obtuseness is irritating, arrogant and at times not very good.  Especially their Danse Matanee record. Fuck, I needed a medal after I sat through that one. I think Woods got lumped in with Animal Collective  because of the free folk/Brooklyn connection. Which is kind of like saying that Poison and X are the same because they use guitars and are from LA. I’ll say it again, lazy bullshit.

I bought Woods first CD How to Survive in the Woods after buying (Dove) Yellow Swans – Live During War Crimes #2 CD. Release the Bats were offering a discount on postage and who am I to let an opportunity go past.  The Yellow Swans I’ll leave for another day but that Woods CD quickly became the most played record on my ipod. The production was shit but then that’s the whole point.

There is a very endearing, almost child-like quality to Woods. High pitched, amateurish and at times painful sounding vocals merge with  gentle guitar melodies whichfloat through the air. The production is minimal and it all sounds like it’s been recorded  in someones loungeroom in between bong hits.  My only criticism of this record is Track 5. Woods Children Pt 2 changes direction after the sublime folkiness of the first four tracks. Mellow little pixie sprites sample their bad kitty and small children over bongo drums. Fuck is that a flute I hear? I love my noise as much as anyone. Do I need a tune? Nup.  But this little distraction in what is a fantastic record is a fucking travesty. Track 5 aside, Woods is my new favorite band and make a mockery of my very first post. P.S. This will happen alot.

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