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Masonna – Inner Mind Mystique (Release) 1996

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Masonna is the name used by Japanese noise artist Yamakazi Maso – he seems to have been a bit dormant this decade but readers tell me that his releases from the mid-1990’s are some of the best noise you’ll hear. I’ve stayed away from Masonna until now because I assumed he was a fair bit like Merzbow. I was wrong.

I read an interview with Whitehouse’s William Bennet in which he was saying that in the early days of his labels such as Come Organisation, the majority of their product was sent to Japan where there was a huge market for it. Late last year I decided to increase my exposure to Japanese noise and weirdness past Merzbow and Boredoms and onto Government Alpha, Incapacitants, Masonna, Solar Anus and Guilty Connector. My earlier exposure to Japanese noise was limited to Merzbow and there isn’t great deal of relevance to the transgressive power electronics of Whitehouse and Ramleh etc In Mr Akita’s work. On Inner Mind Mystique the  seven tracks drip with the fetid ugliness of Mr Bennet and Mr Best. I am partial to a bit of Whitehouse. The lyrics (when I can understand them ) are usually disgusting   but the sound is one I really enjoy. Masonna works for me on the same level and the real joy is that I can’t understand a single thing he is yelping so I have guilt free power electronics pleasure for the first time in my life. This record is  my first experience with Masonna, I think  I need to hear more.

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