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Hypsiphrone – And The Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes (Black Plagve) 2011

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I haven’t listened to a Dark Ambient record or some time. But when this little ripper showed up from Malignant Records sub-label, Black Plagve I thought,just based on its title alone, it was worth a spin. One of the first mistakes I made was to read the press release which spoke of virgins bathing on their own blood and other such crap that I have absolutely no fucking interest in. Does anyone actually write this crap without giggling to themselves? The fact is that what is done here is excellent but creation of  a lame mythology detracts from the greatness of many of these tracks. I’m probably the wrong guy to review this because black metal imagery is always funny to me yet I like to wallow in some dark/black/death ambient/metal records from time to time. I’m no expert but if you like Sunn O)))’s Black One or anything by Lustmord then this will be right up your alley.

Hypsiphrone is a one  guy project from Greece and this record  is pretty consistently great. Lots of evil wails and hammer-horror neo gothic death metally goodness with wonderfully absurd  titles. It’s fun though probably not in the way Hypsiphrone meant. There is one dud track on this and that is a track which begins about half way through which cuts up media broadcasts about necrophilia. How fucking transgressive. Why it is actually on this is a bit of a mystery and kind of made me angry. It’s inclusion just felt that he was trying a bit too hard. But hey, Mamuthones made one of my favourite records in recent times and the initial track on that sucks. It happens and shouldn’t be fatal to you buying this.

You can pick this up from the excellent Malignant Records site.

Various – New Weird Australia; Bleak Metal (NWA) 2011

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Well this is a revelation. In the 400 or so posts on Ducks Battle Satan, this is the first time that I’ve ever reviewed a compilation. I stumbled across this after seeing a small add for New Weird Australia in the back of The Wire. NWA are a not for profit organisation which gets some funding from the Australia Council for the  Arts to  distribute and publicise experimental  and avant garde music. They run a small boutique label called New Editions as well as produce a bimonthly compilation which can be dowloaded for free of which Bleak Metal is one.

The title of Bleak Metal does it some injustice. The bands on this run the full spectrum of noise nastiness from the noise/doom/DanFriel-esque of Axxonn, the black metal of Blutennacht to the sine wave crackle noise of Alex White. The mighty psychedelic noise metal of No Anchor makes an appearance in Dead Pony but the absolute killer for me was the track from Dead Boomers which is a glorious exposition of rumbling noise. Another highligh is the Lightning Bolt ferocity of the fantastically lo-fi Dies on Plane’s. Their track Hunting For Teeth starts full of Sword Heaven malevolence before launching into some groovy post-metal throb. In fact there is hardly a dud on this and you really should  head over to to download this. The Australian underground is alive and well.

Jesu – Conquerer (Hydra Head) 2007

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Ok, I know I said that Ducks Battle Satan would only be about records I liked but this release by Jesu has me fucked.

I’ve skirted around the edges of post-metal in an attempt to understand what the big fucking deal is. It’s all pleasant enough but I’m still waiting for that truly great post-metal album to grab me and engage me. I like the Isis and Pelican records I own but I was hoping that  Jesu were the real deal.  I was wrong.

Does anyone really think it is a great idea to create a new genre of shoegazing metal?  I lived the whole shoegazing thing. I had the Ride, Bleach, Slowdive and Chapterhouse records, I’m not proud of it but I did. Christ I even had those Lush EPs. I had the fringe that was somewhere south of my chin, I was skinny and had those pants that were a bit too big.

Now maybe I didn’t get the memo, but in 2007  was it time for some kind of revival? When I first played this I thought, “Ooh metal chords, a bit like Isis – great.”  But then those reed thin vocals started and it was like 1990 all over again. I don’t get it. What the fuck am I missing? Or is this post-metal stuff really just shoegazing for people with tattoos?

Wolves in the Throne Room – Black Cascade (Southern Lord) 2009

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I don’t get Black Metal. Never have. Yet I really like this. I’m just not sure whether I’m supposed to laugh or paint my face white and fuck a corpse. I mean it’s just so fucking camp, singing in those demon guttural howls about norse gods and such nonsense. Laugh? I nearly wet myself. But I love this record, probably for all the wrong reasons but it pushes all my buttons.  It’s chock full off ooga-booga, screamy vocals over a soundtrack of gothic post-rock metal. Can’t get enough of this at the moment. I mean I just can’t compare it to other black metal because its a genre I don’t really listen to. I’ve got a crap load of Sunn O))) records but some of those are generally frightening and I think doom kinda took over from this melody friendly black metal. Maybe a better term would be post metal. Then we can throw in Pelican and Isis in with this bunch to describe a frightening intelligent and melodic form of -rock heaviness. Fun.

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