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Incapacitants – Zashikiwarashi Effect (Ljud and Bild Produktion) 2012

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Who new that Incapacitants were quietly sneaking out a few releases last year of their own brand of uncompromising extreme noise, I  kind of lost track of them after dabbling with the better than the reviews would have you believe  Lon Guy that came out on Harbinger Sound in 2009.  Lon Guy was pretty full on and it firmly planted Incapacitants at the unrelenting extremity of Japanese Noise.

It is for this reason that people should approach records like Zashikiwarashi with some caution. There is no concept of compromise on display here. There are absolutely no recognisable musical forms, no beats, no identifiable instrumentation. Indeed there is absolutely no concession to the listener at all.

This is pure noise; harsh, ugly, nauseating  ear drum abusing nastiness. The five tracks on offer here offer the listener the evil, primal scream therapy oftwo salarymen who are both exhausted and inebriated on Sapporo and sake.

This is not one for the faint hearted. If you decide to track this down, don’t say you weren’t warned. Shit just got real (ugly).


Mike Shiflet – Blurred and Scorched (Wachsender Prozess) 2012

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Blurred & scorched

Hey did you know that Mike Shiflet snuck out another CDr in 2012? Me Neither. But thanks to the power of the twitter and the majesty of bandcamp you can snaffle a copy either digitally or a physical CDr if you so choose. I would have got myself the CDr but there is no international shipping so usnon-american noise people will have to make do with the digital version. It should not be a real mystery to anyone who reads this blog regularly that I appreciate Shiflet’s art. In fact he produced my two favourite records of last year. There is just something about the gritty, intense drones that Shiflet produces which do for something for me. Although Blurred and Scorched may lack some of the shimmering epicness of The Choir, The Army, it’s ten tracks are great examples of agitated experimental drone music. It’s the type of sound that is meditative and challenging at the same time. If I had heard it last year it would certainly have sneaked into my top 10. Shiflet along with Aaron Dilloway and Kevin Drumm are currently making up my unholy trinity of US experimental artists right now.

At the moment (until the end of February) Mike is using the proceeds of the sale of Blurred and Scorched to help some fellow Ohian musicians with their medical bills. Coming from a country with universal healthcare I find the thought of that kind of depressing but please make sure you pick up a copy before March and while your there get yourself a copy of Llanos and Omnivores. Both classics.

No Anchor – The Golden Bridge (Grindcore Karaoke) 2012

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Hello there. It’s been a while. Here at casa ducks battle satan I have immersed myself in a shit-ton of new records. So many in fact that I reckon I’ve only listened to about half of them.  Listening to all of these records has kept me away from this blog but that is all about to change. Shit has got me inspired.

So anyway, today I am working on some wonderful legal argument with Kevin Drumm’s excellent Arghhh! CDr keeping the procrastination at bay when I start having a bit of a scroll through the old ipod and find this. I completely forgot that I downloaded this from bandcamp at the end of last year which in retrospect is a disgusting oversight because No Anchor are kind of my favourite Australian band at the moment. Have been for a couple of years when I really think about it.  There is something really satisfying about their blend of metal and hardcore with a smattering of Albini-esque menace. Some of their past records have a much more stoner rock vibe to them but the thing I love about The Golden Bridge is the sheer relentlessness of the first five  tracks. To my ears it is like a mash-up between Fucked Up, early Girls Against Boys and Rapeman. That comparison doesn’t really do the rest of the record justice because shit does get a bit mellow from time to time  in a Melvinsy sort of way.

I have listened to this about four times today and I am loving the shit out of it. Type No Anchor into bandcamp and get yourself a copy – its freakin’ free. You have absolutely no excuse. The best album of 2012 you never knew existed.

Lorenzo Senni – Quantum Jelly (Editions Mego) 2012

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Lorenzo Senni  is a name I’ve heard before, mostly from  his emails about Presto? Records, but who I have never actually heard. Now I’ve admitted in the past to being a bit of a label whore and Editions Mego is one of the labels that I spend a great deal of cash keeping up with. More importantly  do you see those shoes on the cover? I own them but mine are orange. Right comfortable they are. See that blue gel substance in the sole. Bouncy it is. It also tells you a bit about Quantum Jelly itself.

There are a number of Mego artists that play around with the carcass of techno in all its various forms. snd’s Mark Fell is probably the best known. I’ve always found Fell’s work to be extremely uncomfortable because of the way he shaves away all of the fun from techno and creates sterile minimalist beats. I suspect that the techno that Fell is inspired with is of the stark Basic Channel variety. Senni is much more concerned with that cloyingly sentimental Western European trance music so beloved by, you know, the Dutch for instance. Yet unlike Fell, Senni doesn’t try to obliterate the beats beyond recognition. The tracks are simple and reductionist but some of the cheese is left in there. This is most obvious on the third track MakeBelieve, which I hated myself for liking. But you know, there are reasons why this stuff is popular. It is after all basically emotional music for the essentially soul less. There is a fair amount of colour in this jelly but it may be best not to over think it. It is a record that is not going to change the world but I can’t help but like it. As comfortable as those blue asics trainers.

Locrian & Christoph Heemann – S/T (Handmade Birds) 2012

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Here are two artists I don’t know a lot about. I knew about Heemann from his collaboration with Merzbow and work with Nurse With Wound and the Chicago duo Locrian have made a previous  appearance on this site with their Rain of Ashes record. Before listening to this record I kind of knew that Locrian mined a drone metal sort of sound palette. That sort of sound  feels very stale to me now. The  number of submissions I receive from bands who still play it have not instilled me with a great deal of confidence that there is anyone thinking freshly about metal in a drone  context. When this arrived I was in two minds whether I would listen to it but I did and I’m glad I did. This is a truly great record. It is also a pretty difficult sound to pin down.  There is a shit load going on on this records four lengthy tracks. The first track Hecatomb is one of my favourite pieces of music mright now. It’s roots are obviously firmly in a drone metal context yet it is the injection of Necks style piano and  a feeling of improvised abandon with the guitars which lend the music an open, expansive feel. The second track lifts its skirts to reveal its blackened metal soul whilst the third track Edgeless City is an excursion through ambient drone with a sinister edge that gradually becomes much more oppressive.The final track, The Drowned Forest sees the artists getting their inner druid on for some ritualistic vocal action which become more intense as it progresses. It’s strangely beautiful and overwhelming all at once.

2012 has seen some excellent collaborations and split LP’s. Swanson and Shiflet, Dilloway and Lescalleet, Shiflet and Panzner, Blankenship and Reed have all produced amazing records this year. Add this too the pile.  This record has restored my faith in  bleak metal.

Bee Mask – Elegy For Beach Friday (Spectrum Spools) 2011

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I have seen some unbelievably great shows this year. One of my absolute favourites was back in July when Rites Wild and a rather unimpressive local act supported the great Bee Mask aka Chris Madak. Of course with any great show there is always great merch and I just so happened to get myself a copy of Elegy For Beach Friday before I left.

It is difficult to describe the experimental  electronica that Bee Mask produces. It is fair to say that on this record, the foundations of the  sound is rooted firmly in drone territory but infused throughout are Caretaker-style nostalgia, bubbling electronica, buzzing insect-like sounds, broad sweeping elegiac passages of sheer beauty, synth excursions and clouds of opaque and menacing drone. As an album, Elegy works extraordinarily well notwithstanding that it is a compilation of rare vinyl and tape tracks from 2003 to 2010. In fact rarely has a record had such an effect on me as this. It is one of those records that seeps into the consciousness and is an almost perfect rendering of great electronica that explores  beauty, menace and sadness. Bee Mask has a new EP on Room 40 and his new Spectrum Spools release of new material arrives in a few weeks. Don’t be surprised to see either of those reviewed hear soon. Elegy is mesmerising and fantastic.

Hallock Hill – The Union / A Hem of Evening (Mie Music) 2012

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I’ve listened to and digested every Mie Music release from the last few years and it occurred to me whilst I was listening to this record by Hallock Hill that this small boutique label has introduced me to music and artists that have sent me off on musical tangents that I never expected. In effect the taste of some guy called Henry has now become part of my musical journey. This is the guy who not only release one of the best things Daniel Menche has ever done in the spooky Yagua Ovy but also rereleased Gate’s epic Dew Line record – just because, you know, he wanted to.

Take this double LP from Hallock Hill for instance. I am a noise and experimental music guy with a nostalgic bent for late eighties hardcore. I like my music shockingly difficult – bordering on indescribable. So why has this record of 15 of the most hauntingly beautiful improvised acoustic guitar tracks had me completely mesmerised for the past few days? Before playing this record  the idea of listening to acoustic guitar solo music – well look, quite frankly, it probably wouldn’t have happened. But Hallock Hill, otherwise known as Tom Lecky has created a pretty yet occasionally dissonant space for people like me to drown in. This double record is actually two separate works. The Union was originally released last year and A Hem Of Evening was recorded about the same time but finds it’s first release here. I don’t play the guitar and my desire in creating music finished at the end of HIgh School so I have o idea what Lecky is actually doing but it sound like there are three separate guitar players at times particularly on the amazing The Sheets. The effect he creates is both archaic and meditative. This record could have come out anytime in the past 40 years – music like this is timeless.

If you haven’t got a record player, I’m assuming Boomkat will have a digital copy for sale soon enough. Check out samples at

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