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No Anchor – The Golden Bridge (Grindcore Karaoke) 2012

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Hello there. It’s been a while. Here at casa ducks battle satan I have immersed myself in a shit-ton of new records. So many in fact that I reckon I’ve only listened to about half of them.  Listening to all of these records has kept me away from this blog but that is all about to change. Shit has got me inspired.

So anyway, today I am working on some wonderful legal argument with Kevin Drumm’s excellent Arghhh! CDr keeping the procrastination at bay when I start having a bit of a scroll through the old ipod and find this. I completely forgot that I downloaded this from bandcamp at the end of last year which in retrospect is a disgusting oversight because No Anchor are kind of my favourite Australian band at the moment. Have been for a couple of years when I really think about it.  There is something really satisfying about their blend of metal and hardcore with a smattering of Albini-esque menace. Some of their past records have a much more stoner rock vibe to them but the thing I love about The Golden Bridge is the sheer relentlessness of the first five  tracks. To my ears it is like a mash-up between Fucked Up, early Girls Against Boys and Rapeman. That comparison doesn’t really do the rest of the record justice because shit does get a bit mellow from time to time  in a Melvinsy sort of way.

I have listened to this about four times today and I am loving the shit out of it. Type No Anchor into bandcamp and get yourself a copy – its freakin’ free. You have absolutely no excuse. The best album of 2012 you never knew existed.

No Anchor – Steam (Self Released) 2009

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I got sent a record by a local band which was released recently. I had never head of them which is not surprising given my inability to catch any band live these days. It sucked to be frank but  as I did a bit of research on that  band I somehow came across No Anchor, a Brisbane based duo of Alex Gilles and Ian Rogers. I downloaded their first record (which I’ll review at a later time) and felt so guilty I forked out money for Steam, their most recent opus. It is tremendous stuff. Steam is produced by avant-royalty Lawrence English (Room40) and is a compendium of bonged-out psychedelic fuzz  and fucked up sludge, garage punk. But the treat for avant rock nerds like ourselves is the epic fourth track – an atmospheric, drone-rock number which may be the best track I’ve heard from any Australian act this year. If this is any indication of how strong my local scene is then I need to get my arse out a bit more in the new year. This beautifully packaged disc can be bought straight from the band at  I recommend that you get the twenty dollars your Nanna gave you for Christmas and buy this straight away.

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