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Sun Araw – Off Duty (Woodist) 2010

Posted in Music, Sun Araw with tags , on October 7, 2010 by noisenoisenoise

Last night I scrambled away from the family to catch the first night of Room 40’s  OpenFrame festival here in Brisbane. My word it was good. It was a great line-up of Pimmon (the freakin’ highlight of the night for me), Aiden Baker and Sun Araw. The entry fee was ridiculously cheap so as a noise nerd it was my duty to drop a shitload of cash on the CD’s on offer. Sun Araw were simply fantastic. A combination of heavy psych, ritualistic beats, drone, noise and a little smattering of acid blues, They obliterated the  rather beautiful and somber vibe Aiden Baker had conjured up less than five minutes earlier. It was a big noise, a hearty room-filling drug vibe that for the first time that night got the audience bobbing their heads and immersing themselves in the groove. I don’t think any record will match just how amazing Sun Araw are live, but Off Duty (which also includes the deleted Boat Trip EP) is a mighty fine way to introduce yourself to the  sound and the vibe.

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