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The Gun Club – Miami (IRS) 1982

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The nice thing about this wordpress thing is that it has a really cool stats page which tells you how many people come to your blog and what they look at while they’re here. The post on Fire of Love has had the most hits of any post on this blog. The thing I find interesting about that is that the basic script is that the more obscure a record is the more hits it gets. I suppose there is a couple of reasons for this which I won’t bore you with. So it would indicate that there is a dirth of anyone writing about this great record. At the moment if you type in “Gun Club fire of love” in google, this blog turns up at number 11.

The funny thing about the Gun Club is that there are really only three records that you would bother with. Fire of Love obviously, Las Vegas Story and Miami. The rest of it is just not very good. I suppose Mother Juno at a stretch has it’s moments but nothing really compares to Fire of Love. In 1995 I picked up a copy of Lucky Jim. Don’t be fooled it is one of the most horrendous records I’ve owned. I sold it soon after I bought it but I suppose I was looking for the delta-gothic-blues of their debut. I tell you here and now Lucky Jim is just some fat guy with liver disease.

But this is a post about Miami and the question has to be asked. When your debut is as good as Fire of Love, where do you go? Well Mr Pierce decided to enlist the help of Blondie’s Chris Stein to help produce his follow-up opus. For the most part it is just great. The production is a little tinny but nothing to get too worried about. The same motives that propelled Fire of Love are here in spades. It’s creepy swamp music for you inner blues freak. If the Cramps liked blues more than rockabilly this is what they would have sounded like. Miami was never going to be as good as Fire of Love but you know that’s OK. It’s still a great record and well worth tracking down.

The Gun Club – Bad Indian

The Gun Club – Fire of Love (New Rose) 1981

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I find myself listening to this record more and more. I first read about the Gun Club in an NME review of a gig they did at the Town and Country Club in the early 1990’s. It sounds lame now, but the journalist recounted this drunk and possibly drugged bloated powerhouse of a man belting out music so vital that t I just had to hear it. I remember ordering Fire of Love from the record store in my local shopping centre after my parents had bought me a CD player for my birthday and this was the second CD I owned (I can’t tell you the first one out of my fear of humiliation).

The Gun Club began as Creeping Ritual in 1979 but by 1981 they had changed their name to The Gun Club and released this slice of  southern gothic, blues, punk. The founder of the band was a guy called Jeffrey Lee Pierce and he remained the only constant through multiple line-up changes. The band broke up on many occasions and Pierce’s alcohol binges were a constant strain. Pierce died in 1996 from brain hemorrhage at the age of 37. In 1984 the band lineup included Kid Congo Powers (The Bad Seeds) and Patricia Morrison (Sisters of Mercy). Incidentally those two musicians released a single under the name Fur Bible and if anyone out there has an MP3 of that recording I’ll gladly name my next child after you.
Fire of Love was their debut record and I remember the effect it had on me when I first heard it. It was like no punk music I’d ever heard and it certainly wasn’t the histrionic shambolic goth-punk of early Nick Cave. This was gothic swamp rock played by an evangelical, traveling good-ol’-boy bluesman who d somehow sold his soul to the devil. It was frightening. It was about sex and race and murder and drinking and drugs and the blues. It was delta blues shot through a prism of heroin, blood and safety pins. It was vital, it was new and it is one of the most important records ever made.

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