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Theoretical Girls – Theoretical Record (Acute) 2002

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In the past couple of years there has been an increased interest in everything No Wave. One of the bands  that  gets overlooked in a scene dominated by DNA and Lydia Lunch and the other No New York bands  is Theoretical Girls. The band were a four piece lead by Jeffrey Lohan but rightly or wrongly it is better know for two of the other members  Glen Branca and Wharton Tiers. During it’s  life time the band only released one seven inch single so this compilation is the most complete, and I think only, record that deals comprehensively with their output. It consists of some studio tracks, demos and live tracks. Despite the hammy lyrics of tracks like Computer Dating Theoretical Record contains some of the best late 70’s punk you can hope to meet. In many ways it is a classic of the  No Wave genre because whether they are being  punk, rock or producing walls of dense sound, everything is infused with slabs of nihilism and detachment. The live tracks on Theoretica lRecord display the indifference that No Wave bands had for their audiences and the apathy they received in return.  This is not only a great no wave record but one of the best punk records you’ll hear. A band that deserves a much better place in history.

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