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Thomas William vs Scissor Lock – Jewelz (New Editions) 2012

Posted in Australian underground, Music, Scissor Lock, Thomas William with tags , , on February 5, 2012 by noisenoisenoise

I have become a bit obsessed with the New Weird Australia site. This is another cracking release from their label New Editions and their first one for 2012. Thomas William and Scissor Lock are two Sydney based producers. I’ve never heard their work as individual artists so am in no position to compare how Jewelz fits in with their signature styles. What I can tell you though is that Jewelz is four tracks of difficult electronica. Things start of with Cadillac which smashes quasi-wheezy victoriana carousel sounds with something a bit Matmos like before bursting into shimmering drone and a vaguely Sigur Ros-style vocal. The themes of shimmering drone and electronic day-glo overload make an appearance on the self titled track Jewlez but here  are counterbalanced by layers of slightly  sinister noise bubbling underneath. The third track Omega is my favourite and brings a reverse looped ambience before shifting into oompahpah electronic and layering with it all with ethereal vocals before the drone asserts it’s dominance.  The entire thing is rounded out by the shimmering bliss of Qusqu, a track that comes the closest to a traditional sense – like Sigur Ros mixed with Pimmon with Birchville Cat Motel producing the most wonderful chill out experimentronica. I love this sort of music – both transcendent and challenging, Jewlez is a very fine release indeed.

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