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Trouble Books – Concatenating Fields (Mie Music) 2012

Posted in Music, Trouble Books with tags , on April 29, 2012 by noisenoisenoise

Good Lord this is a great record. Trouble Books are a  husband and wife duo from Ohio. Last year they released a record with Emerald’s Mark McGuire from Emeralds that seemed  to have been very well received. On Concatenating Fields they display a lot in common with Mark McGuire’s style of music but Trouble Books embrace  a much more pop aesthetic. I am an absolute sucker for great experimental pop. Trouble Books remind me of an amalgam of the melancholic, ambient, psych pop of another era. It  reminded me of Drop Nineteens, Black Dice, The Postal Service, Animal Collective, Emeralds – you get the idea. For the most part it is glorious pop music that challenges and mesmerises.You know, I very rarely listen to records that have a tune anymore but when I hear records like this I can appreciate pop music on a new level. A record that is like a warm hug for the soon to hit antipodean winter.

This is a limited release  from Mie Music. Pick it up here.

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