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Merzsale *not Merzbow approved

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Well after 13 years of Merzbow fandom it is time to say goodbye to (most) of my Merzbow collection. All prices in Australian dollars (heaps cheaper than US) – have a look at to get an idea of international postage prices. I think it is about $9.00 AU for a CD and for  and 4 CD’s would be $18.00 AU. It’s about $30.00 AU for a kilo of CD’s (probably about 7 or 8).

For Australia buyers look at

Email for questions, offers orders or photo requests. The prices are reflective of the cheapest Discogs prices.

Merzbient $200 (free postage world wide)

Rattus Rattus $20

Tamago $60

Merzbow vs Tamarin $6

Sha Mo 3000 $12

Yoshinotsune $12

Venerology $12 (sold)

Tombo $25

Higabana $12

Pulse Demon $60

Puroland $6

Oersted $8 (sold)

Senmaida $12

Merzbow Vs Nordvargr Parikel II $7

Noisembryo $60 (sold)

Merzbow and Consumer Electronics – Horn of the Goat $30 (sold)

Minazo $12

Synth Destruction (with Carlos Giffoni) $8

Anicca $6

F.I.D. (2 CD) $13

Vibractance $80

SCSI Duck $10

Collapse 12 Floors $8

Dead Leaves $8

Doors Open 8am $18

Aqua Necromancer $20

Machinenstil $14

Amlux $40 (sold)

Kibako (Delux Box) $30

Mercurated (cover has shelf ware) $80

Lop Lop (Delux Box) $30 (sold)

… and the Devil Makes Three (wth Porn) $5uuki $18

Another Merzbow Records (3 CD) $40

Cycle $12

Konchuuki  $18

Sphere $12

Space Metalizer $8

Animal Magnestism $12

Dust of Dreams $12

Zophorus ($11)

Suzume $15

Kukurou $12

Yurikamame $12

Karasu $12

Uzura $15

Kujakubato $12

Kamo $12

Kokuchou $10

Hiyodori $8

Niwatori $8

Shirasagi $8

Tsubame $8

Chabo $8

Dead Zone $8

Kouhei $8

Spiral Honey $50 (sold)

Last of the Analog Sessions (Box set) $75 – Has some damage to spine

Scene $5

Ouroboros $14

Electric Salad $40

Pinkeam $12

Fantail $13

Hybrid Noisebloom $12 (sold)

Age of 369/Chant 2 $21

Keio Line (ith Richard Pihnas) $15

Hodosan $12

Somei $15

Tentacle $35 (sold)

Rainbow Electronics2 $12

Merzbird $7

Coma Berenices $12

Ikebukuro Dada $4

Dolphon Sonar $9

Merzbuta $8

Merzbeat $10

Camouflage $18

Merzdub (with Jamie Saft) $40

Kamadhenu $30

Hanakisasage $8

Green Wheels $80 (sold)

Kali-yuga Karma $30

Kookaburra $20










The DBS approved records that you should definitely listen to (aka my favorite 2016 releases)

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Well it goes without saying that 2016 was a year of strange shit. In saying that though, there were some absolutely blinding releases last year that gave me all the feelings at once. There weren’t too many of those records but there was a still some great stuff that came out that made 2016 a but less shit than you may have remembered. In DBS world it was a year of wonder watching my three boys tackle challenges and overcoming them. A year in which my job became insane and I became a published author. A year of podcasting with my mate Ingmar who I would never have met if it wasn’t for this dusty old blog. A year of challenge and reward. Anyway enough of that – here we go.

Records released in 2016 that gave me all the feelings.

  1. Olm – Little Boy
  2. Kristian M Roberts – Two Portraits
  3. Meyer – Negative Space
  4. Andrew Tuttle – Fantasy League
  5. Equiknoxx – Bird Sound Power
  6. Valerio Tricoli – Colonic Earth
  7. Missing Organ – Hard Walls
  8. Anthony Child – Electronic Recordings from Maui Vol.2
  9. Puce Mary – The Spiral

Records released in 2016 that gave me the happies

  1. Sim Hutchins – I enjoy to Sweep a Room
  2. Regler – Regler #8 Metal
  3. Avvennir – Natural Language
  4. Jim O’Rourke – Steamroom #26
  5. Shit and Shine – Teardops
  6. Bjanri Gunnarson – Paths
  7. Aaron Jimmy Harris – Nerves
  8. The Body  – No-one Deserves Happiness
  9. Daniel Menche – Sleeper
  10. Floorplan – Victorious
  11. Pita – Get In
  12. Krause – 2 am Thoughts
  13. Nurse with Wound – Dark Fat
  14. Dedekind Cut – Successor
  15. Whitehouse – The Sound of Being Alive
  16. Oren Ambarci – Hubris
  17. Mike Shiflet – Abstracting Grace
  18. Kevin Drumm – Middle of Nothing
  19. Russell Haswell – Panther Noise

Old stuff I listened to heaps

  1. Various – Dope Guns and Fucking in the Streets
  2. Burning Star Core – Challenger
  3. Yellow Swans – Live During War Crimes 1 and 2
  4. Throbbing Gristle – 20 Jazz Funk Greats
  5. Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden
  6. The Necks – Chemist
  7. Roland S Howard – Teenage Snuff Film
  8. Prurient – Oxidation
  9. Wayne/Jayne Country – Rock N Roll Cleopatra
  10. The Rita/Wilt – Werewolf in the Black Space
  11. Mike Cooper – White Shadows in the South Seas
  12. Lawrence English – The Peregrine
  13. People Like Us – Don’t Think Right /It’s All Twice


Cows – Cunning Stunts (Amphetamine Reptile) 1992

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Hey Ho. Sorry for the break in transmission. I got commissioned to write an online text book/guide thing which has sucked up huge amounts of time leaving most of my musing on albums restricted to the podcast.So let’s start again shall we?


In my high school and university days  I was a bit of a label whore for records coming out on labels such as Blast First, Sub-pop and Touch & Go. In this pre-internet age I had to rely on the record labels themselves to be my own personal musical curators. For the most part they did a pretty awesome job and there were only a few releases from those labels over the years that made me question my collecting masterplan. Like many kids growing up in a regional area, my ability to acquire records was limited to special orders from my sympathetic local record shop (“mate is Killdozer one word of two?”) and an annual Christmas trip to Brisbane where I would paw over the racks in Rockinghorse, Kent and Skinny’s. Those shops are mostly all gone now with Rockinghorse being  one of the last few left in the country. I’ve started frequenting Rockinghorse again this year in a conscious effort to stop buying so many records online and supporting the little guy. Every now and then I browse their webstore and a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. They had, in stock no less, Halo of Flies Music Insect Minds and this, Cows definitive Midwestern hardcore statement of1992. These have been out of print for years and there they were both  on disc and cheap. I headed for an early lunch and bought both within the hour. The big surprise for me was that both records were new. They are two of the first three releases that Am Rep are re-issuing with the help of some mob called MVD Audio Group.

Cows wereone of the classic mid-western hardcore punk bands that spanned the mid-1980’s to mid-1990’s.  Cunning Stunts came out just as grunge was breaking. It’s probably a bit more sedate than Sexy Pee Story their 1993 follow up but there are some absolutely cracking tunes here. The fourth track Mr Cancelled may be the best unknown grunge anthem of the era and has this nice slacker vibe like something wedged between Bitch Magnet and godheadsilo with a cool late-Husker Du musicality (with better drums of course). The rest of the album has similarities with other mid-western bands of the era such as Mule and Killdozer. I love this record. It may be me getting all nostalgic  but I’m keen for the next batch of re-issues. May I suggest Lubricated Goat’s Plays the Devil’s Music, Boss Hog’s Cold Hands and King Snake Roost’s Things That Play Themselves.


Prurient – Arrowhead (Editions Mego) 2008

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Well Happy New Year and all that shit. In my time proven tradition I try to start each new year with some good intentions to post regularly. From logging into this blog again after an absence of 12 months it appears that there are still a shit ton of you out there popping by to read my confused ramblings on records. In tribute to the diehards, let’s see how I go this year. As many of you know my review mojo has been exhausted over at The Antidote Podcast but due to our inexact release schedule I have missed talking about a ton of records that have made an impact on me over the past few years,

Lets’s start with an oldie. Prurient’s Arrowhead has a bit of a reputation as being one of Prurient’s defining works. As you probably know Prurient is the name used by Dominick Fernow for his nasty, transgressive, noisy musical output. This year he released the epic Frozen Niagra Falls, a sprawling double CD of darkwave industrial goodness which appears to have been universally ignored in everyone’s best of lists for 2015. I think the problem that people have with Fernow (I think the attitude transcends into his other projects such as Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement and Vatican Shadow) is that he’s a bit of a caricature – like a goth art school major with a flair for the dramatic. I’ve been guilty of ragging on him from time to time. I may have even stated that “I was done with him” during a rather tiresome tirade on the podcast. At the time of that statement I was a bit tired of Prurient’s embrace of darkwave forms in his records. Yet in 2015 I began to embrace this side of Prurient’s work. A decent noisenerd should only consideris whether the record is good, and not some semantic argument about whether such and such record is as good as (insert particular band’s name here)  their old stuff.

But whatever anyone’s views on Fernow as an artist the man has made some fantastic records over the years and this critical sniffery from many reviewers (hey I’m just as guilty –  OK) in some ways diminish the fact that he is an important artist in the intersection between noise and industrial music.  Few of his albums give me as much pleasure as Arrowhead. I bought this last year and gave it a cursory listen on the day it arrived. It didn’t start well – a sadistic drone of high pitched microphone feedback ala Roman Shower. I wasn’t in the headspace for it at the time and I moved on to something else. Just before Christmas I gave it another try and discovered that the feedback of the track, Sternum,  is accompanied by minimal drum strikes and some tonal interference which gave the track texture and created tension. The second track, Ribcage, embraces the  feedback once more but here it is supplemented with Fernow’s patented cries of anguish to scale up the creep factor. It is the final track, Lungs, which tickled me the most though. A four minute race of tribal style drumming being immersed in washed of feedback. It may be the closest Prurient has come to a noise banger.

Arrowhead delivers a bucketload of noise goodness in just over half an hour. If you’ve become a recent adopter of Prurient’s laterstuff go back and have a listen to this. It won’t disappoint.

Incapacitants – Eat! Meat!! Manifesto!!! (Rape Art Productions) 2012

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As most of the bands and artists who provided my early noise soundtrack  move away from sonic brutality to embrace creepier and more beat orientated methods it becomes almost a novelty to spend time with some old school noise. Incapacitants exist in a group of Japanese noise bands that every self respecting noise nerd needs in their collection. Consisting of two middle aged salary men, the band kind of disappears for years on end before reappearing and producing a burst of recorded material. 2011 – 2012 were particularly fertile years for the band with Eat! Meat!! Manifesto!!! being probably the last in time of those records. Coming out on the charmingly named Rape Art Productions, a Ukrainian label specialising in all manner of grot, Eat! Meat!! Manifesto!!! has a slightly different feel to the other Incapacitant records I own. The first track Eat! sounds like two separated mechanical snakes writhing and twisting whilst separated by green fields of static and proto-industrial noise. Despite its underlying brutality the track almost washed over me live a form of psychedelic ambience. The second and third  track is like the Incapacitants I’ve experienced in the past. Completely uncompromising with an absence of discernible forms. Their brand of noise is like  the ultimate expression of power electronics. I don’t enjoy Incapacitants as much as say, Government Alpha, but records like Eat! Meat!! Manifesto are like the ultimate fight club. Brutal, nasty, extreme and visceral.  Continue reading

Birchville Cat Motel – Nurse (Fencing Flatworm Recordings) 2004

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Well here we are in 2014. This bog (typo and it’s staying) was sadly neglected in 2013 for a crapload of reasons. Firstly Ingmar from evolkweenthemusical and I started The Antidote Podcast which meant that a great deal of my listening time was spent absorbing new releases to pontificate about. Secondly I had a third kid at the end of 2012 and that little rotter decided that sleep was for pussies and thirdly my job got superbusy which has been tremendously stressful but also fun. In any event the opportunities I had to listen to records for this blog were severely compromised. So I had to make a decision about whether to keep this blog going or just letting it slide into the digital ether. In the end I’ve decided that this blog will become much more active in 2014 – but the focus will change to concentrate to records that I need to share with others rather than to offer my thoughts on records that I think will generate traffic. At it’s height this blog was getting crazy numbers of visits and it was even named one of the best music bogs in Vice magazine. That was great for my ego but I think I lost sight of the reason why I started this bog in the place. So there you go – no more negative reviews. If I didn’t like it you will no longer find it written about here. DBS will  now only have reviews of records that I think noise nerds are going to enjoy. So here we go.

Let’s face it 2013 was a pretty ordinary year for music and  I wasn’t particularly inspired by much which essentially meant that my non-podcast purchases focused on nostalgic trawls through discogs and ebay. Nurse was a late night purchase on ebay which I discovered when I was looking for out of print Whitehouse records. Anyone who has followed this bog since it started in 2006 will know that the work of Campbell Kneale aka Birchville Cat Motel has been pretty well covered. In fact at least two of his records With Maples Ablaze and Our Love Will Destroy the World (the title he later took to name his new project when Birchville was retired) are in my top 20 records of all time. Although I enjoy his rock-pig and psychedelic guitar records such as Bird Sister Blasphemy and Astro Catastrophes, I think his best work is defined by his shimmering, ecstatic drone work. 

Nurse consists of one half hour untitled. The thing that sets it apart for me though is the use of beats. It almost starts like a Vladisav Delay minimalist techno record before the high pitched drones cascade over the top and a sublime white noise drone takes over. Yet like the best drone this record took me on a journey. There are subtle and not so subtle interjections of noise and found sound which makes this one  of the best things I heard in 2013 especially as many noise artists started becoming more overt in there explorations of beats. I can’t recommend this enough. There are copies on discogs for sale which aren’t prohibitively expensive – yoiu may want to check it out.

Best Moment of Australian Television Ever

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This appeared on a biggest rating variety show on the largest rating network of the time. Hosted by a moron and a puppet.

The Antidote Podcast

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Sorry I haven”t been around for a little while but I promise that I’ll do better from now on. In the meantime did you know that there is now a ducksbattlesatan approved podcast? It is called The Antidote and feature myself and Ingmar from evolkweenthemusical blabbering on about records. It is ten buckets of goodly noise/experimental/drone excellentness and you should run here or to the itunes to get your free download.  The first two episodes are up and tonight we recorded episode 3. Listen right to the end to here about our special Menche competition. In a few weeks we record our beginners guide to Merzbow. Stay tuned!

Mark Fell – UL8 (Editions Mego) 2011

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Yesterday I was on a Lego run to a local shopping centre with my eldest. Despite his appreciation of One Direction, the kid has a pretty good ear. He has always had an opinion on noise and is a bit of a Daniel Menche fan. I decided to play a bit of Mark Fell as a soundtrack to the appalling traffic and rain. Truth be told, my first born was not a fan, his only comment being that it sounded like a vomiting robot. Although the vomiting robot comparison was lost on me, I had to agree that the first couple of tracks are pretty much unlistenable. There is something utterly nauseating about the beats that Fell creates which are both rubbery and harshly metallic at the same time. On the liner notes to this CD, Fell explain his process. The first five tracks are created by “using 32 operator frequency modulation synthesis configured in 16 pairs of operator and modulator, panned at equal positions around the circumference of a circle using high order ambisonics.” Got that? Didn’t think so.
Although I could gladly live the rest of my life without ever having to listen to those tracks ever again the fact is that this record, for the most part, is excellent stuff. The second suite of tracks are called Vortex Studies. I won’t spend time writing about how he came to make these tracks but they feel like an avant grade take on techno. The texture and elements work much better than the initial five tracks and if you love your electronica weird as shit then you will be very happy indeed.
The third suite is titled Acid In The Style Of Rian Treanor and reminded me much more of Fell’s previous work with .snd. The seven tracks which make up these experiments are absolutely fantastic. I think what it comes down to is that I like Fell as a difficult electronic musician rather than a theoretical sound artist. Best to leave that shit to Florian Hecker.

Best of 2011

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I spent most of 2011 catching up on releases that came out in 2010 so the best record I listened to all of last year was Black Mountain Transmitter’s Black Goat of the Woods. Yet when I actually compiled a list of the records I tracked  down in 2011 I was surprised by the sheer number of them. The other thing I’ve noticed is that I have barely written about any of them. This year’s releases (at least the ones I enjoyed) were a challenging bunch of records and it has taken me more listens in order to come to terms with many of these records than in past years. So here is my best of list, other records I enjoyed and some lists from some readers. Thanks again for all of your support and conversations this year. Here is to an even better 2012.

Records of 2011 (and I am ranking them for the first time.)

20. Skullflower – Fucked On a Pile of Corpses

19. Mamuthones – Mamuthones

18. Merzbow – Yaho-Niwa

17. Machinefabriek – Veldverk

16. Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides – Poisson

15. Zomby – Dedication

14. Peaking Lights – 936

13. Demdike Stare – Tryptych

12. Rustie – Glass Swords

11. The Thing with Jim O’Rourke – Shinjuku Growl

10. Pete Swanson – I Don’t Rock At All

9. Ectoplasm Girls – TxN

8. Tim Hecker – Ravedeath 1972

7. Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica

6. New Blockaders/Merzbow/Anomali – Kali-Yuga Karma

5. Cut Hands – Afro Noise 1

4. Werewolf Jerusalem – Confessions of a Sex Maniac

3. Merzbow – Dead Zone

2. Daniel Menche and Anla Courtis – Yagua Ovy

1. Daniel Menche – Feral


Record I still don’t know if I like

Prurient – Bermuda Drain


Record’s I’ve listened to a lot

Kevin Drumm – Second

Merzbow & Jamie Saft – Merzdub

Black to Comm – 1968

Mouthus – No Canal

Richard Skelton – Landings


Ben’s List

Tim Hecker – Ravedeath, 1972

Julianna Barkwick – The Magic Place

Toby Goodshank – Truth, Jump, Fall

Merzbow – Dead Zone

Colin Stetson – New History Warfare Vol 2

Daniel Menche – Feral

Lindsey Buckingham – Seeds We Sow

Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica

Prurient – Bermuda Drain

Richard Buckner – Our Blood

Honorable Mention:
Merzbow – Lop Lop

10 non-2011 CDs that blew me away:
Nurse with Wound – Huffin Rag Blues

Koji Asano – Galaxies

Yellow Swans – Deterioration

Lasse Marhaug/John Wiese – Country & Western

Ulver – Nattens Madrigal

Tim Hecker – Harmony In Ultraviolet

Boards of Canada – Music Has the Right to Children

Keith Fullerton Whitman – Libson

Keith Fullerton Whitman – Playtroughs

Keith Fullerton Whitman – Multiples

Can – Tago Mago

Stephen’s List
Drone, noise, ambient
Asva – Presences of Absences
Barn Owl – Lost in the Glare
Deaf Center – Owl Splinter
Tim Hecker – Ravedeath, 1972
Rene Hell – The Terminal Symphony
Natural Snow Buildings – Chants of Niflheim
Natural Snow Buildings – Waves of the Random Sea
Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica
Prurient – Bermuda Drain
Skullflower – Fucked on a Pile of Corpses
Metal, doom, stoner
Black Cobra – Invernal
Boris – New Album
Jesu – Ascension
Krallice – Diotima
Liturgy – Aesthethica
Subrosa – No Help for the Mighty Ones
Tombs – Path of Totality
Weedeater – Jason… the Dragon
Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestial Lineage
YOB – Atma
Psych, folk, new age
Charalambides – Exile
Steve Hauschildt – Tragedy and Geometry
Mark McGuire – Get Lost
Mark McGuire – A Young Person’s Guide to Mark McGuire
Six Organs of Admittance – Asleep on the Floodplain
Sun Araw – Ancient Romans
Woods – Sun and Shade
Rock, non-metal
Belong – Common Era
Cave – Neverendless
Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light
Grails – Deep Politics
White Hills – H-p1
Esoteric, experimental, other
Bohren & der Club of Gore – Beileid
Demdike Stare – Tryptych
Bill Orcutt – How the Thing Sings

Readers 2011 Lists

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Well, I feel like I’ve spent most of this year catching up  on the records I missed  last year. So to address the balance I’m calling for Top 10 Lists from DBS readers. I thought two lists would be fun. One for 2011 releases and a general one for the records that rocked your world this year irrespective of when it was released.  The records do not have to be in a particular order (unless you want them to be) and you can even go beyond 10 if you feel the need.

If you want to participate send your lists to by Christmas and I’ll post them on boxing day.



Olive Music

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A quick note to let you know that I’m also now writing for Olive Music. The reviews that I post there will be cross posted here.

New Blog – Expresswaytoyourskull

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Miles – a reader and sometime contributor to this blog has started his own.  Check it out!

Best video ever (Part 2)

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Moustaches – yes, narrative -no. What do you reckon the other guy is whispering in Omar Souleyman’s  ear? The album this comes from is fantastic.

Best video ever (Part 1)

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… because there are just not enough velvet frock coats in pop music.

Search terms take two

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Below are the top 6 search terms people type in  and are directed to ducksbattlesatan. See if you can spot the search term which is not like the others.

double leopards 520
noisenoisenoise 378
merzbow 245
merzbow 1930 228
yellow swans at all ends 199
animal fucking 165

Now I had a bit of a trawl through what I’ve written and I think I tracked down the culprit. Here’s my top blog tip – when describing animal noises on a record try not to use fucking as an adjective.

You’re welcome.

Your friend Dave.


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I’ve been a but pre-occupied at the moment but Ducks Battle Satan (aka noisenoisenoise) had a bit of a milestone this month with 300 posts.

It’s been three years of record reviews and as I look through this blog I’ve noticed how my listening habits have changed. Less doom and more drone seems to be the order of the day. A reader emailed me the other day for some advice. He was interested in noise but didn’t know where to start. I was pretty chuffed that he asked me because the main reason I started writing this blog was to try to articulate my experiences with this brave new world of sound. My list of recommendations was probably a bit unwieldy and unhelpful but if you want to see it published here drop me a line. I’d also like to say a big hello to the regular readers from Tennessee, Utrecht and Minneapolis. I’m not sure who you are but if you want to say hi –



Ben Frost – By The Throat (Bedroom Community) 2009

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“The difficult third album has been replaced with the undifferentiated 14th CD-R. What happened to the thrill of the new? Hearing something you never conceived might exist and knowing it’s exactly what you always needed to hear.”

I love this bit of writing by Nick Southgate in the Wire because it neatly sums up how I often feel. The thing about continuing this blog and trying new things and expanding musical and sound horizons is that ever now and then I hit absolute fucking gold. A record that worked like a sonic ear syringe. In fact one of the best releases in the last couple of years. It’s a droning, post rock, field recording, distortion,noise fest. Equally terrifying and beautiful. Just listen to these two clips and tell me I’m wrong.

I’m on the Twitter

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You can follow me on the Twitter if you’re keen. Ducksbattlesata is the name. Where is my fucking “n”?

Merzbow – 13 Japanese Birds Pt.12: Tsubame (Important) 2009

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I’ve been on a bit of a Merz-break. Last year I posted on 28 Merzbow records and that was less than 50% of the Merzbow I actually bought last year. The common theme to many Merzbow reviews I’ve read in recent times is that he is a one dimensional noise artist, but after listening to that many Merzbow records I can attest once and for all that the theory is wrong. My words of advice to anyone looking at taking on Merzbow is to start with a couple of Merz records and then get Pulse Demon, Amlux, Dust of Dreams, 1930 and Sphere. I think those records give you a decent overview and you get a  starting point that allows you to  explore the style of Merzbow that works for you best. In 2010 I’ll probably pick up some of his newer work but a full scale mining of his back catalougue might be for someone else to accomplish (and this from the jerk who a week ago shelled out for Turmeric).

I’m kind of glad that this series is ending although it did  manage to bring some new ideas into his sound. Overall I’m not sure whether it has been successful as a body of work but I might leave that post for 2011. I didn’t necessarily enjoy all of the ideas on this series but there was enough great stuff  to keep me mostly interested throughout the year. Pt.12 opens with one of my favourite tracks of the series, Destroy the Cages, which is chock full of the whirling noise maelstrom and devoid of recognisable forms and reminds me of his work of the late 1990’s. It’s terrific and certainly an antidote to the common drum kit theme of this series. The drum kit makes an appearance in the final two tracks but despite my heavy recent criticism of that damn drum kit,  they’re not too bad. I’ll still be glad to here him put the drum kit away for a while but maybe that’s just me. One more to go.

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