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Axolotl – Memory Theatre (Important) 2007

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A couple of weeks before  Christmas I had a bit of a browse on the Important records website. Much to my delight they were having a  holiday sale and I took advantage of the decent discount to get myself his record from Axolotl, a record I’ve really wanted to get for a long time. Axolotl is the pseudonym of Karl Bauer a classically trained violinist who somehow got himself involved in the US noise scene.  He’s teamed up with many of the noises’s biggest stars, Mouthus, Yellow Swans, Black Dice and Sightings to name a few. What Bauer does is a pretty interesting variant of trance/noise, dense drone. His records don’t seem that easy to come by and I can’t remember coming across anything he released in 2008.

Memory Theatre is a compilation of sorts, bringing together his output of three previously released EP’s. There’s nine tracks in all and if you are going to get this take a word of advice and just skip the first track. It’s not very good and is an injustice to the rest of the tracks here. The record builds from strength to strength and by the time I got to the last couple of tracks I knew that this is a pretty fine noise/drone record. From the increased traffic to this site, I’ve noticed there seems to be a fair bit of interest in the post I did for  Burning Star Core’s Challenger. If that record tickled your fancy you might want to give this a go as well. 

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