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Demons – Evocation (No Fun Productions) 2007

Posted in Music, noise, Wolf Eyes with tags , on May 29, 2011 by noisenoisenoise

Demons are a duo of Wolf Eye’s Nate Young and noise dude Steve Kearny. I have had his post sitting in draft form for well over  a year. It is an awesome record and straddles that line between noise, midwestern decay, dark ambient and drone. It wasn’t until I read an old review by Bruce Russell who wrote that he wished that all black metal sounded like Evocation that it all started to click for me. I don’t like a lot of Bruce’s writing but that was right on point and Evocation sits nicely with the more difficult hauntology records that I have fallen head over heals for this year.

You see I have this difficult relationship with black metal. I love the idea of it but most of I have heard gives me the  giggles. I just can’t take it seriously. Mike Connelly, a fellow Wolf Eyes alum, has spoken about the real terror he felt was seeing the isolated farm-house in the Kentucky country side at night. I think his point is that  the true terror and fear isn’t getting eviscerated, it is the feeling that something terrible is near.  That is true horror. Not the cartoon darkness of much of what black metal pumps out. The records I’ve heard this year that have made me happy are those  by  Black Mountain Transmitter, Menche and Coultis and Failing Lights (on Evol’s recommendation) and if those records have worked for you like they have for me then it is well worth tracking this down. The four tracks on display here are all creepy wonderful non-music offerings. An embrace of the supernatural and unexplainable. An evocative excursion into darkness. Russell is right. If all black metal sounded like this the world would be a better place. Nothing to laugh about here.

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